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28-Nov-2008Activated packed bed bioreactor for rapid nitrification in brackish water hatchery systemsBright Singh, I S; Cini, Achuthan; Rejish Kumar, V J; Manju, N J; Rosamma, Philip
25-Aug-2007Acute salinity stress alters the haemolymph metabolic profile of Penaeus monodon and reduces immunocompetence to white spot syndrome virus infectionRosamma, Philip; Annies, Joseph
1-Jul-2009Alkali insoluble glucan extracted from Acremonium diospyri is a more potent immunostimulant in the Indian White Shrimp, Fenneropenaeus indicus than alkali soluble glucanBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Anas, A; Somnath Pai, S; Douglas, W Lowman; David, L Williams; Stewart, Millen
28-Jan-2014Antagonistic effect of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from various ecological niches on Vibrio species pathogenic to crustaceansBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Neil, Scholastin Correya; Sudheer, N S; Sreelakshmi, B; Jayesh, P; Priyaja, P
21-Jun-2011Anti-lipopolysaccharide factor and crustin-III, the anti-white spot virus peptides in Penaeus monodon: Control of viral infection by up-regulationBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Swapna, Antony P; Valsamma, Joseph
2006Antiviral property of marine actinomycetes against White Spot Syndrome Virus in penaeid shrimpsRosamma, Philip; Kumar, S; Achuthankutty, C T; Marine Sciences
29-May-2012Anti–white spot syndrome virus activity of Ceriops tagal aqueous extract in giant tiger shrimp Penaeus monodonBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Sudheer, N S
26-Dec-2010Application of primary haemocyte culture of Penaeus monodon in the assessment of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of heavy metals and pesticidesBright Singh, I S; Seena, Jose; Rosamma, Philip; Mohandas, A; Jayesh, P
1-May-2013Biogeochemistry of the shelf sediments of south eastern Arabian sea: Effect on benthic bacterial heterotrophsBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Neil, Scholastin Correya; Jimly, C Jacob; Ramya, K D
2006Bioremediation in Shrimp Culture SystemsRosamma, Philip; Antony, S P; Marine Sciences
14-May-2013Black yeasts from the slope sediments of Bay of Bengal: phylogenetic and functional characterizationBright Singh, I S; Lawman, D; Kutty, S N; Rosamma, Philip
18-Aug-2012Characterization and virulence potential of phenotypically diverse Aeromonas veronii isolates recovered from moribund freshwater ornamental fishes of Kerala, IndiaBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Sreedharan, K
8-May-2013Characterization of Histone H2A Derived Antimicrobial Peptides, Harriottins, from Sicklefin Chimaera Neoharriotta pinnata (Schnakenbeck, 1931) and Its Evolutionary Divergence with respect to CO1 and Histone H2ABright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Naveen, Sathyan; Chaithanya, E R; Anil Kumar, P R; Sanjeevan, V N
1-Jun-2008Chitosan as a wall material for a microencapsulated delivery system for Macrobrachium rosenbergii(de Man) larvaeBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Anas, A
11-Sep-2000Development of a cell culture system from the ovarian tissue of African catfish Clarias gariepinusBright Singh, I S; Sunil Kumar, G; Rosamma, Philip
17-Apr-2006Development of nitrifying bacterial consortia for immobilizing in nitrifying bioreactors designed for penaeid and non-penaeid larval rearing systems in the tropicsBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Cini, Achuthan; Rejish Kumar, V J; Manju, N J
24-Oct-2008Dose/frequency: A critical factor in the administration of glucan as immunostimulant to Indian white shrimp Fenneropenaeus indicusBright Singh, I S; Sajeevan, T P; Rosamma, Philip
23-Sep-2005Fenneropenaeus indicus is protected from white spot disease by oral administration of inactivated white spot syndrome virusRosamma, Philip; Bright Singh, I S; Manjusha, M; Somnath Pai, S
2001Fermentation of Prawn Shell Waste and Its Application of its Product as Dietary Ingredient for Penaeus Indicus (H. Milne Edwards)Beatrice,Amar; Rosamma, Philip
11-May-2009Immobilization of nitrifying bacterial consortia on wood particles for bioaugmenting nitrification in shrimp culture systemsBright Singh, I S; Cini, Achuthan; Rosamma, Philip; Manju, N J
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