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27-Nov-2001Antibiotic resistance of Aeromonas hydrophila isolated from marketed fish and prawn of South IndiaHatha, A A M; Vivekanandhan, G; Savithamani, K; Lakshmanaperumalsamy, P
31-Jul-2012Antibiotic Resistance of Escherichia coli Serotypes from Cochin EstuaryHatha, A A M; Divya, P Sukumaran; Srinivasan, Durairaj
28-May-2004Antibiotic resistance pattern of motile aeromonads from farm raised fresh water fishHatha, A A M; Vivekanandhan, A A; Julie Joice, G; Christol
15-Jan-2011An assessment of potential public health risk associated with the extended survival of indicator and pathogenic bacteria in freshwater lake sedimentsHatha, A A M; Abhirosh, Chandran; Sherin, Varghese; Ellen, Kandeler; Ambattu, Thomas; Asit, Mazumder
1998Bacteriological quality of individually quick-frozen (IQF) raw and cooked readyto- eat shrimp produced from farm raised black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodonHatha, A A M; Paul, M; Rao, B
Mar-2012Biochemical and physiological characteristics of actinomycetes isolated from high altitude shola soils of tropical Montane forestHatha, A A M; Rinoy, Varghese; Nishamol, S; Suchitra, R
2013Bioremediation of Zinc Using Bacillus sp. Isolated from Metal- Contaminated Industrial ZoneHatha, A A M; Jyothy, S; Rinoy, Varghese; Arun Babu, V; Krishna, M P
Aug-2013Characterisation and bioprospecting of cold adapted yeast from water samples of kongsfjord ,Norwegian ArticHatha, A A M; Mujeeb Rahiman, K M; Krishnan, K P; Saramma, A V; Saritha, G; Deepu lal
Mar-2012Depth wise variation of microbial load in the soils of midland region of Kerala: a function of important soil physicochemical characteristics and nutrientsHatha, A A M; Krishna, M P; Rinoy, Varghese
16-Mar-2012Detection and diversity of pathogenic Vibrio from FijiHatha, A A M; Reema, Singh; Vinay, Narayan; Patricia, McLenachan; Richard, C. Winkworth; Suparna, Mitra; Peter, J. Lockhart; Lorraine, Berry; William, Aalbersberg; Dhana, Rao
16-Mar-2012Distribution and bioactive potential of soil actinomycetes from different ecological habitatsHatha, A A M; George, M; Anjumol, A; George, G
20-Jun-2013Distribution, Extracellular Virulence Factors and Drug Resistance of Motile Aeromonads in Fresh Water Ornamental Fishes and Associated Carriage WaterHatha, A A M; Nifty, John
15-Jan-2014Diversity and antimicrobial activity of Lactic Acid Bacteria from the gut of marine fish Rastrelliger kanagurta against fish, shrimp and human pathogensHatha, A A M; Shubhankar Ghosh, A; Selvam, D G; Neethu, C S; Saramma, A V
7-May-2007Diversity and effectiveness of tropical mangrove soil microflora on the degradation of polythene carry bagsHatha, A A M; Shrishti, Kumar; Christi, K S
Jun-2011Diversity of Bacillus And Actinomycetes in the water and sediment samples from Kumarakom region of Vembanadu lakeHatha, A A M; Maya, George; Neethu, Cyriac; Aswathi, Nair
2014Growth enhancement of micro algae, Chaetoceros calcitrans and Nannochloropsis oculata, using selected bacterial strainsHatha, A A M; Mujeeb Rahiman, K M; Jasmine, B; Suresh Kumar,S
22-Jan-2014Gut Associated Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from the Estuarine Fish Mugil cephalus: Molecular Diversity and Antibacterial Activities against PathogensHatha, A A M; Shubhankar Ghosh; Einar, RingØ2; Deborah Gnana Selvam, A; Mujeeb Rahiman, K M; Naveen, Sathyan; Nifty, John
Mar-2012Heavy metal tolerance patterns of total heterotrophic bacteria isolated from the soils of Mahatma Gandhi University campus, Kottayam, KeralaHatha, A A M; Krishna, M P; Rinoy, Varghese
2013Impact of climate change on hetrotrophic bacterial communities in the water and sediment of kongsfjord in norwegian articHatha, A A M; Mujeeb Rahiman, K M; Deepu lal, K M; Krishnan, K P; Rupesh Kumar, Sinha; Saramma, A V
19-Jun-2000The incidence ,Antibiotic resistence and survival of salmonella and escherichia coli isolated from broiler chicken retail outletsHatha, A A M; Suresh, T; Srinivasan, D; Lakshmanaperumalsamy, P
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