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18-Nov-2005A Chloride Ion-Selective Potentiometric Sensor Based on a Polymeric Schiff Base ComplexGirish Kumar,K; Saji, John K; Indira, C J
15-Apr-2006Complexation and ion removal studies of a polystyrene anchored Schiff baseGirish Kumar,K; Saji John,Konnully
2008Electroactive Dipyrromethene-Cu(II) Monolayers Deposited onto Gold Electrodes for Voltammetric Determination of ParacetamolGirish Kumar,K; Grzybowska, Izabela; Orlewska, Czesława; Radecki, Jerzy; Dehaen, Wim; Radecka, Hanna; Science
1-Jun-2009Electrochemical Reduction and Voltammetric Determination of Metronidazole Benzoate at Modified Carbon Paste ElectrodeGirish Kumar,K; Joseph, Renjini; Science
10-Oct-2011Electrochemical studies of tamsulosin hydrochloride using multiwalled carbon nanotube-modified glassy carbon sensorGirish Kumar,K; Thomas, D; Joseph, R; Issac, S; Lonappan, L
2006Fabrication Of Potentiometric Sensors For The Determination Of Certain Metal IonsRemalakshmy,Poduval; Girish Kumar,K
2008Fabrication of Potentiometric Sensors for the Selective Determination of KetoconazoleGirish Kumar,K; Augustine, Pearl; John, Sareena; Radecki, Jerzi; Radecka, Hanna; Science
8-Jan-1999New Spectrophotometric Methods for the Determination of NimesulideGirish Kumar,K; Chowdary, K P R; Devala Rao, G
29-Aug-2009Novel potentiometric sensors for the selective determination of domperidoneGirish Kumar,K; Pearl, Augustine; Sareena, John
2-Apr-2005Polystyrene Anchored Vanillin Schiff Base—Complexation and Ion Removal StudiesGirish Kumar,K; Saji John,Konnully; Remalakshmy,Poduval
11-May-2006A PVC plasticized membrane sensor for nickel ionsGirish Kumar,K; Remalakshmy,Poduval; Sareena, John; Pearl,Augustine
11-May-2006A PVC Plasticized Membrane Sensor for Nickel IonsGirish Kumar,K; Remalakshmy,Poduval; Sareena, John; Pearl,Augustine
12-Jun-2006A PVC Plasticized Sensor for Ni(II) Ion Based on a Simple Ethylenediamine DerivativeGirish Kumar,K; Pearl,Augustine; Sareena, John; Beena,Saraswathyamma
1-Aug-2006Removal of Fe(III) using a polystyrene anchored Schiff baseGirish Kumar,K; Saji John,Konnully
30-Mar-2005Spectrophotometric Determination of Chromium(III) with 2-HydroxybenzaldiminoglycineGirish Kumar,K; Muthuselvi,R
7-Feb-2001Spectrophotometric Methods for the Determination of Cafotaxime Sodium In Dosage FormsGirish Kumar,K; Devala Rao, G; Chowdary, K P R
2006Synthesis and Spectral Characterization of Lanthanide Complexes with Sulfamethoxazole and Their Antibacterial ActivityGirish Kumar,K; Karthikeyan, G; Mohanraj, K; Elango, K P; Science
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17


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