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Jul-1997Lewis acidity of rare earth exchanged zeolitesSugunan, S; Bindhu, J; Disha; Jessey, V; Science
2002Liquid phase benzoylation of arenes over iron promoted sulphated zirconiaSuja, H; Deepa, C S; Sreeja Rani, K; Sugunan, S; Science
Oct-2003Liquid phase benzylation of o-xylene over pillared claysManju, Kurian; Sugunan, S; Science
May-2002Liquid-phase Friedel-Crafts acylation using NixMn(l-x)Fe2O4 spinel catalystsSugunan, S; Nishamol, K; Science
Aug-1982Mercuric Chloride Catalysed Solvolysis of Benzyl Chloride in Water & Highly Aqueous Organic Solvent SystemsAnantaraman, R; Sugunan, S; Science
Jun-2002Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene over La and Dy supported vanadiaSugunan, S; Renuka, N K; Science
1995Photoacoustic study of the effect of degassing temperature on thermal diffusivity of hydroxyl loaded aluminaSankara Raman, S; Nampoori, V P N; Vallabhan, C P G; Ambadas, G; Sugunan, S; Science
1-Feb-1999Photoacoustic study of the effect of hydroxyl ion on thermal diffusivity of γ aluminaSankara Raman, S; Nampoori, V P N; Vallabhan, C P G; Ambadas, G; Sugunan, S; Technology
2009Photodegradation of Methylorange over Zirconia Doped TiO2 Using Solar EnergyBinitha, N N; Yaakob, Zahira; Ranjana, Koodathil; Soumini, Chandralayam; Sugunan, S; Saidu, Femina K; Vineetha, Malayattil; Science
2007Photoinduced oxidation of benzhydrol over lanthana modified sol-gel titaniaShali, N B; Sugunan, S; Science
16-Mar-2007Polyaniline/Pillared Montmorillonite Clay Composite NanofibersSugunan, S; Binitha, N N
2004Preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline transition metal-loaded sulfated titania through sol-gel methodSunajadevi, K R; Sugunan, S; Science
Oct-1999Propionylation of anisole to 4-methoxypropiophenone over zeolite H-betaSugunan, S; Bindhu, Jacob; Binoy,Jose; Science
Sep-1990Salt Effect on the Activity Coefficient of some Polar Non-ElectrolytesBenny, Thomas; Sugunan, S
Feb-1995Salting coefficient of hydroxybenzoic acidsSugunan, S; Benny, Thomas; Science
1993Salting Coefficients of 2-, 3-, and 4-Methylbenzoic AcidsSugunan, S; Benny, Thomas; Science
1994Salting Coefficients of Fluorobenzoic AcidsSugunan, S; Benny, Thomas; Science
Dec-1982Second Order Fit for Mercuric Chloride Catalysed Solvolysis of Alkyl Chlorides in Aqueous DMSO SolventsSugunan, S; Anantaraman, R; Science
2004Selective alkylation of aniline to N-methyl aniline using chromium manganese ferrospinelsNishamol, K; Rahna, K S; Sugunan, S; Science
2005Selective Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether Synthesis over Metal Exchanged Pillared ClaysManju, K; Sugunan, S; Science
Showing results 47 to 66 of 105
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