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Feb-1998Acid-Base. Surface Electron Donatin6 &.Catai.Ytlc Properties Of Some Binary Mixed Oxides Containing Rare Earth ElementsBinsy,Varghese V; Dr.Sugunan, S
Nov-1997Acid-Base, Surface electron donating and catalytic properties of binary oxides of Zr with rare earth elementsAnto, Paul; Dr.Sugunan, S; Science
22-Sep-2004Alkylation of Benzene with higher olefins over zeolites: A green route for lab synthesis.Bejoy, Thomas; Dr.Sugunan, S
May-2013Catalysis by Enzymes immobilized on Tuned Mesoporous SilicaReni, George; Dr.Sugunan, S
Dec-2006Catalysis By Ferrites And Cobaltites For The Alkylation And Oxidation Of Organic CompoundsRamanathan,R; Dr.Sugunan, S
12-Dec-2004“Catalysis by Nanocrystalline Ceria Modified with Transition Metals”Fincy Jose, P; Dr.Sugunan, S
22-Sep-2004‘‘catalysis by nano sulfated titania modified by transition metals"Sunajadevi, K R; Dr.Sugunan, S
15-Feb-2004"Catalysis by pillared montmorillonites exchanged with transition metals"Manju, Kurian; Dr.Prathapan, S; Dr.Sugunan, S
Dec-2001Catalysis By Some Pillared MontmorillonitesRahna,K Shamsudeen; Dr.Sugunan, S; Science
Aug-2002Catalysis by sulphated tin oxide modified with some transition metal oxidesDeepa, C S; Dr.Sugunan, S; Science
Dec-2006Catalysis by Transition Metal Modified Ceria and Ceria-Zirconia Mixed Oxides Prepared via Sol-Gel RouteMaya, G; Dr.Sugunan, S
Feb-1998A comparative study of medium and large pore zeolites in alkylation reactionsBindhu, Jacob; Dr.Sugunan, S; Science
13-Feb-1998“A comparative study of medium and large pore zeolites in alkylation reactions”Bindhu, Jacob; Dr.Sugunan, S
Sep-2008Ordered mesoporous silica as supports for immobilization of biocatalystAjitha, S; Dr.Sugunan, S
Sep-2009Physicochemical and Biochemical Characterization of Enzymes Immobilized on lnorganic MatricesReshmi, R; Dr.Sugunan, S
Oct-2006Structural tuning of Montmorillonite clays by pillaring: Designing of shape selective solid acid catalysts and PANI - Montmorillonite nanocompositesBinitha, N N; Dr.Sugunan, S
7-Nov-2012Studies on Catalysis by Nano Titania Modified with Metals and NonmetalsDhanya, T P; Dr.Sugunan, S
Apr-2011Studies on Catalysis by Ordered Mesoporous SBA-15 Materials Modified with Transition MetalsAmbili, V K; Dr.Sugunan, S
14-Dec-2009Studies on Catalysis by TitaniaJoyes, Jacob; Dr.Sugunan, S
Jan-2002Studies on catalysis by transition metal promoted sulphated zirconiaSuja, Haridas; Dr.Sugunan, S; Science
Showing results 1 to 20 of 30
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