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Title: “A comparative study of medium and large pore zeolites in alkylation reactions”
Authors: Bindhu, Jacob
Dr.Sugunan, S
Keywords: Synthesis of zeolites
Classification of zeolites
Physico - Chemical Characterization Of Zeolites
Zeolitc catalysts
Alkylation And Acylation Reactions Of Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Issue Date: 13-Feb-1998
Publisher: Cochin University Of Science And Technology
Abstract: Zeolites have established themselves as industrial catalysts for over two decades for a variety of hydrocarbon processing reactions where acidity and shape selectivity are important factors. As solid catalysts, zeolites may be advantageous and superior compared to their homogenous counterparts due to their characteristic properties. It is only in recent years that the utility of zeolites for organic synthesis is recognized for producing specific organic intermediates and fine chemicals in high selectivity. In this thesis an attempt has been made to compare the catalytic activity of some medium and large pore zeolites in a few alkylation and acylation reactions. The work reported in the present study is basically centered around the following zeolites namely, ZSM-5, mordenite, zeolite Y and beta. The major reactions carried out were benzoylation of o-xylene, propionylation of toluene and anisole and benzylation of oxylene. . The programme involves the synthesis, modifications and characterization of the zeolite catalysts by various methods. The influence of various parameters such as non-framework cations, Si/Al ratio of zeolites, temperature of the reaction, catalyst concentration, molar ratio of the reactants and recycling of the catalysts were also examined upon the conversion of reactants and the formation of the desired products in the alkylation/ acylation reactions. The general conclusions drawn by us from the results obtained are summarized in the last chapter of the thesis. Zeolite beta ofi'ers interesting opportunities as a potential catalyst in alkylation reactions and the area of catalysis by medium and large pore zeolites is very fascinating and there is plenty of scope for further research in this field. Moreover, zeolite based catalysts are effective in meeting current industrial processing and more stringent environment pollution limits.
Description: Department of Applied Chemistry, Cochin University of Science and Technology
URI: http://dyuthi.cusat.ac.in/purl/3819
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