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30-Jul-2008Strain induced anomalous red shift in mesoscopic iron oxide prepared by a novel techniqueAnantharaman, M R; Narayanan, T N; Sakthi Kumar, D; Yasuhiko, Yoshida
20-Aug-2006Structural and electrical studies on tetrameric cobalt phthalocyanine and polyaniline compositesAnantharaman, M R; Saravanan, S; Venkatachalam, S
17-Feb-2006Structural, magnetic and electrical properties of the sol-gel prepared Li0.5Fe2.5O4 fine particlesAnantharaman, M R; Mathew, George; Asha, Mary John; Swapna, Nair S; Joy, P A
7-Mar-2014Structural, topographical and magnetic evolution of RF-sputtered Fe-Ni alloy based thin films with thermal annealingAnantharaman, M R; Lisha, R; Hysen, T; Geetha, P; Avasthi, D K; Ramanujan, R V
Jul-2004Studies on the Effect of High Energy Ball Milling On the Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Some Normal Spinets in the Ultrafine RegimeSanthosh, Shenoy D; Anantharaman, M R
26-Mar-2007Studies on the optical band gap and cluster size of the polyaniline thin films irradiated with swift heavy Si ionsAnantharaman, M R; Saravanan, S; Venkatachalam, S; Avasthi, D K
10-Feb-2009Surface evolution of amorphous nanocolumns of Fe–Ni grown by oblique angle depositionAnantharaman, M R; Senoy, Thomas; Al-Harthi, S H; Ramanujan, R V; Zhao, Bangchuan; Liu, Yan; Wang, Lan
7-Jun-2012Swift heavy ion induced surface and microstructural evolution in metallic glass thin filmsAnantharaman, M R; Hysen, Thomas; Senoy, Thomas; Raju, Ramanujan V; Avasthi, D K; Al-Omari, I A; Salim, Al-Harthi
10-Feb-2009Swift heavy ion induced surface modification for tailoring coercivity in Fe–Ni based amorphous thin filmsAnantharaman, M R; Senoy, Thomas; Hysen, Thomas; Avasthi, D K; Tripathi, A; Ramanujan, R V
20-Feb-1981Synthesis and characterization of γ-Fe2O3—a magnetic tape materialAnantharaman, M R; Seshan, K; Chakrabarty, D K; Keer, H V
2010Synthesis of Bio-Compatible SPION–based Aqueous Ferrofluids and Evaluation of RadioFrequency Power Loss for Magnetic HyperthermiaReena Mary, A P; Narayanan, T N; Vijutha, Sunny; Sakthi Kumar, D; Yasuhiko, Yoshida; Joy, P A; Anantharaman, M R
24-Jun-2009The synthesis of high coercivity cobalt-in-carbon nanotube hybrid structures and their optical limiting propertiesAnantharaman, M R; Suchand Sandeep, C S; Narayanan, T N; Shaijumon, M M; Ajayan, P M; Reji, Philip
3-Jul-2008Synthesis of High Coercivity Cobalt Nanotubes with Acetate Precursors and Elucidation of the Mechanism of GrowthAnantharaman, M R; Narayanan, T N; Shaijumon, M M; Ajayan, P M
21-Oct-2009Synthesis of High Coercivity Core–Shell Nanorods Based on Nickel and Cobalt and Their Magnetic PropertiesAnantharaman, M R; Shaijumon, M M; Ajayan, P M; Narayanan, T N
Jan-2009Synthesis of nickel–rubber nanocomposites and evaluation of their dielectric propertiesMuhammad, Abdul Jamal E; Joy, P A; Anantharaman, M R; Philip, Kurian
14-May-2001Tailoring magnetic and dielectric properties of rubber ferrite composites containing mixed ferritesAnantharaman, M R; Malini, K A; Sindhu, S; Mohamed, E M; Date, S K; Kulkarni, S D; Joy, P A; Philip, Kurian
Oct-2014Tailoring Magnetic Properties of Co-Fe Thin Films by Topographical Modifications Using Thermal Annealing and Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation and Fabrication of Magnetoelectric Multilayers for Device ApplicationsGeetha, P; Anantharaman, M R
2-Apr-2010Template-Assisted Synthesis and Characterization of Passivated Nickel NanoparticlesAnantharaman, M R; Veena Gopalan, E; Malini, K A; Santhosh Kumar, G; Narayanan, T N; Joy, P A; Al-Omari, I A; Yasuhiko, Yoshida; Sakthi Kumar, D
8-Jun-2004Thermal characterization of doped polyaniline and its composites with CoPcAnantharaman, M R; V P N Nampoori; Radhakrishnan, P; Girijavallabhan, C P; Sajan, D George; Saravanan, S; Venkatachalam, S
2012Unusual surface and edge morphologies, sp2 to sp3 hybridized transformation and electronic damage after Ar+ ion irradiation of few-layer graphene surfacesAnantharaman, M R; Al-Harthi, S H; Mohammed, Elzain; Muataz, Al-Barwani; Amal, Kora'a; Thomas, Hysen; Myo, Tay Zar Myint
Showing results 92 to 111 of 111
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