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30-Apr-2012Hybrid Multiferroic Nanostructure with Magnetic−Dielectric CouplingAnantharaman, M R; Myung, Gwan Hahm; Xaiobo, Zhan; Kumarasiri, A; Tyagi, A K; Mandal, B P; Narayanan, T N; Lawes, G; Ajayan, P M
Apr-2009Impact of zinc substitution on the structural and magnetic properties of chemically derived nanosized manganese zinc mixed ferritesVeena Gopalan, E; Al-Omari, I A; Malini, K A; Joy, P A; Sakthi Kumar, D; Yasuhiko, Yoshida; Anantharaman, M R
Nov-1999Influence of dopants on the properties of maghemiteAnantharaman, M R; Malini, K A; Sindhu, S; Sindhu, P D; Keer, H V
13-Oct-2009Influence of substrate topography on the growth and magnetic properties of obliquely deposited amorphous nanocolumns of Fe–NiAnantharaman, M R; Swaminathan, V; Al-Omari, I A; Senoy, Thomas; Al-Harthi, S H; Ramanujan, R V
14-Feb-2010Inverse magnetocaloric effect in sol–gel derived nanosized cobalt ferriteAnantharaman, M R; Veena Gopalan, E; Al-Omari, I A; Sakthi Kumar, D; Yasuhiko, Yoshida; Joy, P A
Aug-2011Investigations on Magnetic, Optical and Transport Properties of Magnetic Nanofluids for Engineering and Biomedical ApplicationsReena Mary, A P; Anantharaman, M R
11-Jan-2006Investigations on the electrical and structural properties of polyaniline doped with camphor sulphonic acidAnantharaman, M R; Saravanan, S; Joseph, Mathai C; Venkitachalam, S; Prabhakaran, P V
Jul-2010Investigations on the mechanism of carrier transport in plasma polymerized pyrrole thin filmsJoseph, John; Sajeev, Sivaraman; Jayalekshmy, S; Anantharaman, M R
28-Mar-2014Large enhanced dielectric permittivity in polyaniline passivated core-shell nano magnetic iron oxide by plasma polymerizationAnantharaman, M R; Lija, Joy K; Sooraj, V; Swapna, Nair S; Narayanan, T N; Ajayan, P M; Sethulakshmi, N
14-Aug-2013Lead free heterogeneous multilayers with giant magneto electric coupling for microelectronics/microelectromechanical systems applicationsAnantharaman, M R; Swapna, Nair S; Geetha, Pookat; Venkata, Saravanan
Jul-2003Loading dependence similarities on the cure time and mechanical properties of rubber ferrite composites containing nickel zinc ferriteMalini, K A; Kurian, P; Anantharaman, M R
20-Jul-1995A Low-Energy Ion Scattering (LEIS) Study of the Influence of the Vanadium Concentration on the Activity of Vanadium-Niobium Oxide Catalysts for the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of PropaneAnantharaman, M R; van den Oetelaar, L C A; Helwegen, J H J M; Brongersma, H H; Ross, J R H; Seshan, K; Smits, R H H
17-Jun-2004Low k thin films based on rf plasma-polymerized anilineAnantharaman, M R; Saravanan, S; Venkitachalam, S; Joseph, Mathai C
14-Jun-2004Low temperature Mössbauer studies on magnetic nanocompositesAnantharaman, M R; Malini, K A; Ajay, Gupta
5-Jul-2005Magnetic and processability studies of nitrile rubber vulcanisates containing barium ferrite and carbon blackAnantharaman, M R; Soloman, M A; Joy, P A; Philip, Kurian
2001Magnetic and processability studies on rubber ferrite composites based on natural rubber and mixed ferriteAnantharaman, M R; Malini, K A; Sindhu, S; Mohamed, E M; Joy, P A; Date, S K; Kulkarni, S D; Kurian, P
10-Jun-2013Magnetic and topographical modifications of amorphous Co–Fe thin films induced by high energy Ag7+ ion irradiationAnantharaman, M R; Pookat, G; Hysen, T; Al-Omari, I A; Al-Harthi, S H; Lisha, R; Avasthi, D K
27-Dec-2005Magnetic field-induced cluster formation and variation of magneto-optical signals in zinc-substituted ferrofluidsAnantharaman, M R; Nampoori, V P N; Abraham, V S; Rajesh, S; Swapna, Nair S
2006Magnetic field-induced cluster formation and variation of magneto-optical signals in zinc-substituted ferrofluidsSwapna, Nair S; Rajesh, S; Abraham, V S; Anantharaman, M R; Nampoori, V P N; Technology
31-Jul-2009Mechanism of ac conduction in nanostructured manganese zinc mixed ferritesAnantharaman, M R; Veena Gopalan, E; Malini, K A; Sagar, S; Sakthi Kumar, D; Yasuhiko, Yoshida; Al-Omari, I A
Showing results 36 to 55 of 111
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