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25-May-2012The Effect of Antimony Substitution on the Magnetic and Structural Properties of Fe0.75–xSi0.25Sbx AlloysAnantharaman, M R; Al-Omari, I A
26-Sep-2002Effect of Carbon Black on the Mechanical and Dielectric Properties of Rubber Ferrite Composites Containing Barium FerriteAnantharaman, M R; Soloman, M A; Philip, Kurian; Joy, P A
26-Jul-2004Effect of cobalt doping on the magnetic properties of superparamagnetic g-Fe2O3-polystyrene nanocompositesAnantharaman, M R; Swapna, Nair S; Mercy, Mathews; Joy, P A; Kulkarni, S D
1-Feb-2001Effect of cycling on the magnetization of ion exchanged magnetic nanocomposite based on polystyreneAnantharaman, M R; Malini, K A; Sindhu, S; Chinnasamy, C N; Ponpadian, N; Narayanasamy, A; Balachandran, M; Sivasankara Pillai,V N
Feb-2004Effect of mechanical milling on the structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of coprecipitated ultrafine zinc ferriteShenoy, S D; Joy, P A; Anantharaman, M R
29-May-2009Effect of nickel nanofillers on the dielectric and magnetic properties of composites based on rubber in the X-bandAnantharaman, M R; Muhammad, Abdul Jamal E; Mohanan, P; Joy, P A; Philip, Kurian
12-Dec-2003Effect of preparation on magnetic properties of Mn-Zn ferriteAnantharaman, M R; Vaidyanathan, G; Arulmurugan, R; Likhite, S D; Milind, Vaidya; Sendhilnathan, S; Senthilram, N D
5-May-2006Effect of thermal annealing on Fe40Ni38B18Mo4 thin films: modified Herzer model for magnetic evolutionAnantharaman, M R; Hysen, T; Saravanan, S; Deepa, S; Ramanujan, R V; Avasthi, D K; Kulkarni, S D; Joy, P A
20-Sep-2007Enhanced shape anisotropy and magneto-optical birefringence by high energy ball milling in NixFe1 xFe2O4 ferrofluidsAnantharaman, M R; Swapna, Nair S; Francis, Xavier; Joy, P A; Kulkarni, S D
Mar-2008Enhanced shape anisotropy and magneto-optical birefringence by high energy ball milling in NixFe1−xFe2O4 ferrofluidsSwapna, Nair S; Francis, Wavier; Joy, P A; Kulkarni, S D; Anantharaman, M R
19-Apr-2002Evaluation of a.c. conductivity of rubber ferrite composites from dielectric measurementsAnantharaman, M R; Sindhu, S; Bindu, Thampi R; Malini, K A; Philip, Kurian
May-2005Evidence for blueshift by weak exciton confinement and tuning of bandgap in superparamagnetic nanocomposites; Swapna, Nair S; Mercy, Mathews; Anantharaman, M R
1-Sep-2006Evidence for intergranular tunnelling in polyaniline passivated α-Fe nanoparticlesAnantharaman, M R; Vijutha, Sunny; Narayanan, T N; Sajeev, U V; Joy, P A; Yasuhiko, Yoshida; Sakthi Kumar, D
29-Aug-2008Evidence for polaron conduction in nanostructured manganese ferriteAnantharaman, M R; Sakthi Kumar, D; Veena Gopalan, E; Malini, K A; Yasuhiko, Yoshida; Saravanan, S
30-Mar-2006Evidence for the existence of multiple equilibrium states in cobalt phthalocyanine tetramer: a study by dielectric spectroscopyAnantharaman, M R; Suresh Kumar,S; Venkitachalam, S; Saravanan, S; Sagar, S
5-Oct-2013Evolution of structural and magnetic properties of Co–Fe based metallic glass thin films with thermal annealingAnantharaman, M R; Pookat, G; Thomas, H; Thomas, S; Al-Harthi, S H; Raghavan, L; Al-Omari, I A; Sakthi Kumar, D; Ramanujan, R V
25-May-2012Exchange bias effect in partially oxidized amorphous Fe–Ni–B based metallic glass nanostructuresAnantharaman, M R; Thomas, S; Pookat, G; Nair, S S; Daniel, M; Dymerska, B; Liebig, A; Al-Harthi, S H; Ramanujan, R V; Fidler, J; Albrecht, M
31-Jul-2009Fabrication of a quantum well heterostructure based on plasma polymerized aniline and its characterization using STM/STSAnantharaman, M R; Soumya, Jose; Narayanan, T N; Senoy, Thomas; Al-Harthi, S H
Apr-2011Ferrofluid thin films as optical gaussmeters proposed for field and magnetic moment sensingSwapna, Nair S; Rajesh, S; Abraham, V S; Anantharaman, M R
2-Mar-2007Finite size effects on the electrical properties of sol–gel synthesized CoFe2O4 powders: deviation from Maxwell–Wagner theory and evidence of surface polarization effectsAnantharaman, M R; Malini, K A; Swapna, Nair S; Joy, P A; Mathew, George
Showing results 13 to 32 of 111
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