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Faculty of Environmental Studies


Recent Submissions

  • Gopinath, Prem; Dr.Bright Singh, I S (Cochin University of Science & Technology, March , 2014)
  • Magesh, G; Dr. Menon, A R R (Cochin University of Science And Technology, February 12, 2014)
  • Mujeeb Rahman, P; Dr.Varma, R V (Cochin University of Science & Technology, August , 2010)
  • Seena, Jose; Bright Singh, I S; Mohandas, A (Cochin University of Science & Technology, October , 2009)
  • Ramya, R; Dr.Balasundaran, M; Dr.Jose, Kallarackal (Kerala Forest Research Institute, July , 2010)
  • Suresh Babu, P K; Dr. Menon, A R R (Kerala Forest Research Institute, October , 1998)

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