Retrial Queues with Orbital Search

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Retrial Queues with Orbital Search

Show simple item record Varghese,Joshua C Krishnamoorthy,A 2008-05-23T09:52:01Z 2008-05-23T09:52:01Z 2003
dc.description.abstract Queueing system in which arriving customers who find all servers and waiting positions (if any) occupied many retry for service after a period of time are retrial queues or queues with repeated attempts. This study deals with two objectives one is to introduce orbital search in retrial queueing models which allows to minimize the idle time of the server. If the holding costs and cost of using the search of customers will be introduced, the results we obtained can be used for the optimal tuning of the parameters of the search mechanism. The second one is to provide insight of the link between the corresponding retrial queue and the classical queue. At the end we observe that when the search probability Pj = 1 for all j, the model reduces to the classical queue and when Pj = 0 for all j, the model becomes the retrial queue. It discusses the performance evaluation of single-server retrial queue. It was determined by using Poisson process. Then it discuss the structure of the busy period and its analysis interms of Laplace transforms and also provides a direct method of evaluation for the first and second moments of the busy period. Then it discusses the M/ PH/1 retrial queue with disaster to the unit in service and orbital search, and a multi-server retrial queueing model (MAP/M/c) with search of customers from the orbit. MAP is convenient tool to model both renewal and non-renewal arrivals. Finally the present model deals with back and forth movement between classical queue and retrial queue. In this model when orbit size increases, retrial rate also correspondingly increases thereby reducing the idle time of the server between services en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Department of Mathematics en_US
dc.subject Retrial queues en_US
dc.subject Single-server retrial queue en_US
dc.subject Orbital search en_US
dc.subject Markovian Arrival Processes en_US
dc.title Retrial Queues with Orbital Search en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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