Thyroid function in pyridoxine-deficient young rats

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Thyroid function in pyridoxine-deficient young rats

Show simple item record Dakshinamurti,K Paulose,C S Thliveris,J A Vriend,J 2008-08-05T09:16:29Z 2008-08-05T09:16:29Z 1984-08-15
dc.description.abstract In pyridopaminedoxine-deficient young rats hypothalamic serum TSH concentration was detected. Highly signifiserotonin was decreased with no changes in the cant decreases in the content of pituitary TSH and in and noradrenaline content. Serum the number of pituitary thyrotroph secretory granules and tri-iodothyronine concentrations were were found. These results suo mmuuchch lower in the deficient rats as compared to thyroidism of suggest that the hypocontrols. No significant of hypothalamicp yorirdigoxinin.e -deficient young rats might bbee difference between deficient and control groups in the en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Department of Biotechnology en_US
dc.subject Pyridoxine-deficient young rats en_US
dc.subject Thyroid en_US
dc.subject Dopamine en_US
dc.subject Noradrenaline en_US
dc.subject Thyroxine en_US
dc.title Thyroid function in pyridoxine-deficient young rats en_US
dc.type Working Paper en_US

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