Investigations on TiO2 Based Nanocomposites as Potential Photonic Materials

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Investigations on TiO2 Based Nanocomposites as Potential Photonic Materials

Show simple item record Divya, S Dr. A. Mujeeb 2016-04-15T07:22:26Z 2016-04-15T07:22:26Z 2015-05-20
dc.description.abstract This Study overviews the basics of TiO2with respect to its structure, properties and applications. A brief account of its structural, electronic and optical properties is provided. Various emerging technological applications utilising TiO2 is also discussed.Till now, exceptionally large number of fundamental studies and application-oriented research and developments has been carried out by many researchers worldwide in TiO2 with its low-dimensional nanomaterial form due to its various novel properties. These nanostructured materials have shown many favourable properties for potential applications, including pollutant photocatalytic decomposition, photovoltaic cells, sensors and so on. This thesis aims to make an in-depth investigation on different linear and nonlinear optical and structural characteristics of different phases of TiO2. Correspondingly, extensive challenges to synthesise different high quality TiO2 nanostructure derivatives such as nanotubes, nanospheres, nanoflowers etc. are continuing. Here, different nanostructures of anatase TiO2 were synthesised and analysed. Morphologically different nanostructures were found to have different impact on their physical and electronic properties such as varied surface area, dissimilar quantum confinement and hence diverged suitability for different applications. In view of the advantages of TiO2, it can act as an excellent matrix for nanoparticle composite films. These composite films may lead to several advantageous functional optical characteristics. Detailed investigations of these kinds of nanocomposites were also performed, only to find that these nanocomposites showed higher adeptness than their parent material. Fine tuning of these parameters helps researchers to achieve high proficiency in their respective applications. These innumerable opportunities aims to encompass the new progress in studies related to TiO2 for an efficient utilization in photo-catalytic or photo-voltaic applications under visible light, accentuate the future trends of TiO2-research in the environment as well as energy related fields serving promising applications benefitting the mankind. The last section of the thesis discusses the applicability of analysed nanomaterials for dye sensitised solar cells followed by future suggestions. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India and Cochin University of Science & Technology en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Cochin University of Science and Technology en_US
dc.title Investigations on TiO2 Based Nanocomposites as Potential Photonic Materials en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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