Studies on taxonomy and ecology of Mysidacea from the EEZ of India

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Studies on taxonomy and ecology of Mysidacea from the EEZ of India

Show simple item record Biju, A Dr.Saramma, Panampunnayil U 2012-09-17T11:04:54Z 2012-09-17T11:04:54Z 2008-07
dc.description.abstract Members of the order Mysidacea are important component in marine and estuarine plankton inhabiting all regions of the oceans. There are many brackish water species and few species occur in fresh water, some have become adapted to the specialized environments of caves and wells. They are omnivores, responsible for remineralisation of a substantial portion of the detritus in the water column. They form an important link in the food chain (between microbial producers and secondary consumers) and therefore play a major role in the cycling of energy within the aquatic ecosystem. In tropical and subtropical waters, swarms of mysids are exploited commercially and marketed as preserved cooked food. Mysids have been used in fish farming as live feed resource. They are also excellent experimental organism, extremely useful in the studies of potential impact of various pollutants in the aquatic environment. Mysids are also used in wood pulp effluent plants.Considering the significant role of mysids in the productivity of tropical and coastal ecosystems,the present study has been undertaken to extend our knowledge on the systematics, species composition, distribution,abundance and ecology of mysid fauna of the Indian EEZ and adjoining areas. The present study therefore will undoubtedly fumish valuable information on Mysidacea of the Indian waters. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher National Institute of Oceanography en_US
dc.subject Mysidaeca en_US
dc.subject Marine economy en_US
dc.subject EEZ en_US
dc.subject DNA barcoding en_US
dc.subject Cochin backwaters en_US
dc.subject Ecology en_US
dc.subject Taxonomy en_US
dc.subject Opossum shrimp en_US
dc.subject Vertical migration en_US
dc.subject Mysids en_US
dc.subject Kin recognition en_US
dc.subject Homing behavior en_US
dc.subject Indian EEZ en_US
dc.subject Zooplankton collection en_US
dc.subject Biochemical analysis en_US
dc.title Studies on taxonomy and ecology of Mysidacea from the EEZ of India en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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