Geodynamics of the Andaman - Sumatra - Java Trench - Arc System Based on Gravity and Seismotectonic Study

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Geodynamics of the Andaman - Sumatra - Java Trench - Arc System Based on Gravity and Seismotectonic Study

Show simple item record Lasitha, S Dr.Radhakrishna, M 2012-08-03T06:32:39Z 2012-08-03T06:32:39Z 2007-09
dc.description Department of Marine Geology & Geophysics, Cochin University of Science and Technology en_US
dc.description.abstract This work aims to study the variation in subduction zone geometry along and across the arc and the fault pattern within the subducting plate. Depth of penetration as well as the dip of the Benioff zone varies considerably along the arc which corresponds to the curvature of the fold- thrust belt which varies from concave to convex in different sectors of the arc. The entire arc is divided into 27 segments and depth sections thus prepared are utilized to investigate the average dip of the Benioff zone in the different parts of the entire arc, penetration depth of the subducting lithosphere, the subduction zone geometry underlying the trench, the arctrench gap, etc.The study also describes how different seismogenic sources are identified in the region, estimation of moment release rate and deformation pattern. The region is divided into broad seismogenic belts. Based on these previous studies and seismicity Pattern, we identified several broad distinct seismogenic belts/sources. These are l) the Outer arc region consisting of Andaman-Nicobar islands 2) the back-arc Andaman Sea 3)The Sumatran fault zone(SFZ)4)Java onshore region termed as Jave Fault Zone(JFZ)5)Sumatran fore arc silver plate consisting of Mentawai fault(MFZ)6) The offshore java fore arc region 7)The Sunda Strait region.As the Seismicity is variable,it is difficult to demarcate individual seismogenic sources.Hence, we employed a moving window method having a window length of 3—4° and with 50% overlapping starting from one end to the other. We succeeded in defining 4 sources each in the Andaman fore arc and Back arc region, 9 such sources (moving windows) in the Sumatran Fault zone (SFZ), 9 sources in the offshore SFZ region and 7 sources in the offshore Java region. Because of the low seismicity along JFZ, it is separated into three seismogenic sources namely West Java, Central Java and East Java. The Sunda strait is considered as a single seismogenic source.The deformation rates for each of the seismogenic zones have been computed. A detailed error analysis of velocity tensors using Monte—Carlo simulation method has been carried out in order to obtain uncertainties. The eigen values and the respective eigen vectors of the velocity tensor are computed to analyze the actual deformation pattem for different zones. The results obtained have been discussed in the light of regional tectonics, and their implications in terms of geodynamics have been enumerated.ln the light of recent major earthquakes (26th December 2004 and 28th March 2005 events) and the ongoing seismic activity, we have recalculated the variation in the crustal deformation rates prior and after these earthquakes in Andaman—Sumatra region including the data up to 2005 and the significant results has been presented.ln this chapter, the down going lithosphere along the subduction zone is modeled using the free air gravity data by taking into consideration the thickness of the crustal layer, the thickness of the subducting slab, sediment thickness, presence of volcanism, the proximity of the continental crust etc. Here a systematic and detailed gravity interpretation constrained by seismicity and seismic data in the Andaman arc and the Andaman Sea region in order to delineate the crustal structure and density heterogeneities a Io nagnd across the arc and its correlation with the seismogenic behaviour is presented. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Cochin University of Science and Technology en_US
dc.subject Geology en_US
dc.subject Tectonic History en_US
dc.subject Seismotectonics en_US
dc.subject Andaman-Sumatra-JavaTrench-Arc Region en_US
dc.subject Earthquake en_US
dc.subject Gravity en_US
dc.subject Seismicity en_US
dc.subject Marine Science en_US
dc.title Geodynamics of the Andaman - Sumatra - Java Trench - Arc System Based on Gravity and Seismotectonic Study en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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