An Analysis of Work Related Stress Factor in Selected Industries in Kerala ,India

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An Analysis of Work Related Stress Factor in Selected Industries in Kerala ,India

Show simple item record Satheesh Kumar, K Dr.Madhu, G 2012-07-06T05:23:16Z 2012-07-06T05:23:16Z 2011-09
dc.description Division of Safety and Fire Engineering, School of Engineering, Cochin University of Science and Technology en_US
dc.description.abstract Occupational stress is becoming a major issue in both corporate and social agenda .In industrialized countries, there have been quite dramatic changes in the conditions at work, during the last decade ,caused by economic, social and technical development. As a consequence, the people today at work are exposed to high quantitative and qualitative demands as well as hard competition caused by global economy. A recent report says that ailments due to work related stress is likely to cost India’s exchequer around 72000 crores between 2009 and 2015. Though India is a fast developing country, it is yet to create facilities to mitigate the adverse effects of work stress, more over only little efforts have been made to assess the work related stress.In the absence of well defined standards to assess the work related stress in India, an attempt is made in this direction to develop the factors for the evaluation of work stress. Accordingly, with the help of existing literature and in consultation with the safety experts, seven factors for the evaluation of work stress is developed. An instrument ( Questionnaire) was developed using these seven factors for the evaluation of work stress .The validity , and unidimensionality of the questionnaire was ensured by confirmatory factor analysis. The reliability of the questionnaire was ensured before administration. While analyzing the relation ship between the variables, it is noted that no relationship exists between them, and hence the above factors are treated as independent factors/ variables for the purpose of research .Initially five profit making manufacturing industries, under public sector in the state of Kerala, were selected for the study. The influence of factors responsible for work stress is analyzed in these industries. These industries were classified in to two types, namely chemical and heavy engineering ,based on the product manufactured and work environment and the analysis is further carried out for these two categories.The variation of work stress with different age , designation and experience of the employees are analyzed by means of one-way ANOVA. Further three different type of modelling of work stress, namely factor modelling, structural equation modelling and multinomial logistic regression modelling was done to analyze the association of factors responsible for work stress. All these models are found equally good in predicting the work stress.The present study indicates that work stress exists among the employees in public sector industries in Kerala. Employees belonging to age group 40-45yrs and experience groups 15-20yrs had relatively higher work demand ,low job control, and low support at work. Low job control was noted among lower designation levels, particularly at the worker level in these industries. Hence the instrument developed using the seven factors namely demand, control, manager support, peer support, relationship, role and change can be effectively used for the evaluation of work stress in industries. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Cochin University of Science & Technology en_US
dc.subject Work Stress en_US
dc.subject Confirmatory Factor Analysis en_US
dc.subject Factor Modelling en_US
dc.subject Structural Equation Modelling en_US
dc.subject Multinomial Logistic regression Modelling en_US
dc.title An Analysis of Work Related Stress Factor in Selected Industries in Kerala ,India en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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