Human Resources Development in Higher Education in Kerala

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Human Resources Development in Higher Education in Kerala

Show simple item record Rajini,K M Dr.Sankaranarayanan, K C 2012-01-30T04:32:53Z 2012-01-30T04:32:53Z 2009-10
dc.description Department of Applied Economics, Cochin University of Science and Technology en_US
dc.description.abstract The study is entitled “HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT IN HIGHER EDUCATION IN KERALA”. The concept “Human Resource Development” is of high value in business and industry and has been used and applied since years. In industry and business the 'human' element is considred as a resource and hence its development and protection is very essential and inevitable. Of all the factors of production, human resource is the only factor having rational faculty and therefore, it must be handled with utmost care. Right recruitment, right training and right induction followed by faultless monitoring and welfare measures are but decisive factors in business and industry. Altogether there is a constant attention up on human factor there. But this is not a practice at all in education. So far there has not been any such measure of care and close watch and performance analysis of human resource on education front. This may be the main reason for lack of accountability in the sphere of education. The present study reveals the importance of introducing HRD practices in higher educational institutions in Kerala. In order to promise human capital formation through education, it is basic requirement. The higher educational institutions must follow the method of industry and commerce because education can be treated as an industry in service sector. There also we can follow the methods of right recruitment, right training and promotion, delegation, performance analysis and accountability checking of human resource. HRD is a powerful idea of transformation of human being into highly productive and contributing factor The HRD of students is the sum total of HRD of teachers. Reminding the primordial usage 'Yatha Raja Thadha Praja’ the quality of faculty resembles in students. The quality of administrative staff in colleges also affects the quality of higher education. Hence, it is high time to introduce the managerial method of HRD with all its paraphernalia in higher educational institutions so as to assure proper human capital formation in higher education in India. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Cochin University of Science and Technology en_US
dc.subject Higher education en_US
dc.subject Human Resources Development en_US
dc.subject Academic Autonomy en_US
dc.subject UGC en_US
dc.subject Accountability en_US
dc.subject Educational Accessibility en_US
dc.subject Quality of Higher Education en_US
dc.subject Refresher Course en_US
dc.subject Pedagogy en_US
dc.subject Centres of Excellence en_US
dc.subject Campus Politicisation en_US
dc.subject Faculty en_US
dc.subject UGC en_US
dc.subject ASCs en_US
dc.subject Accreditation en_US
dc.subject Value Education en_US
dc.subject Semester System en_US
dc.subject Educational Research en_US
dc.subject Higher Education Commission en_US
dc.subject Non-teaching Staff en_US
dc.subject Higher Education Council en_US
dc.subject Knowledge Commission en_US
dc.subject AICTE en_US
dc.subject Enrolment en_US
dc.subject Affiliation en_US
dc.subject Arts and Science Colleges en_US
dc.subject Globalisation en_US
dc.subject Privatisation en_US
dc.subject Academic Audit en_US
dc.subject Performance Appraisal en_US
dc.subject Teaching Fraternity en_US
dc.subject Equity en_US
dc.subject Applied Economics en_US
dc.title Human Resources Development in Higher Education in Kerala en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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