Development of Time - Frequency Techniques for Sonar Applications

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Development of Time - Frequency Techniques for Sonar Applications

Show simple item record Roshen, Jacob Dr.Unnikrishnan, A Dr. Tessamma, Thomas 2012-01-24T08:37:59Z 2012-01-24T08:37:59Z 2010-11
dc.description.abstract Sonar signal processing comprises of a large number of signal processing algorithms for implementing functions such as Target Detection, Localisation, Classification, Tracking and Parameter estimation. Current implementations of these functions rely on conventional techniques largely based on Fourier Techniques, primarily meant for stationary signals. Interestingly enough, the signals received by the sonar sensors are often non-stationary and hence processing methods capable of handling the non-stationarity will definitely fare better than Fourier transform based methods.Time-frequency methods(TFMs) are known as one of the best DSP tools for nonstationary signal processing, with which one can analyze signals in time and frequency domains simultaneously. But, other than STFT, TFMs have been largely limited to academic research because of the complexity of the algorithms and the limitations of computing power. With the availability of fast processors, many applications of TFMs have been reported in the fields of speech and image processing and biomedical applications, but not many in sonar processing. A structured effort, to fill these lacunae by exploring the potential of TFMs in sonar applications, is the net outcome of this thesis. To this end, four TFMs have been explored in detail viz. Wavelet Transform, Fractional Fourier Transfonn, Wigner Ville Distribution and Ambiguity Function and their potential in implementing five major sonar functions has been demonstrated with very promising results. What has been conclusively brought out in this thesis, is that there is no "one best TFM" for all applications, but there is "one best TFM" for each application. Accordingly, the TFM has to be adapted and tailored in many ways in order to develop specific algorithms for each of the applications. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory en_US
dc.subject Sonar Signal Processing en_US
dc.subject Digital Signal Processing en_US
dc.subject Time-Frequency Methods en_US
dc.subject Fractional Fourier Transform en_US
dc.subject Wigner Ville Distribution en_US
dc.title Development of Time - Frequency Techniques for Sonar Applications en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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