Studies on the Deep - Water Crab Charybdis (Goniohellenus ) Smithii Macleay From the Seas Around India

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Studies on the Deep - Water Crab Charybdis (Goniohellenus ) Smithii Macleay From the Seas Around India

Show simple item record Balasubramanian, C P Dr.Suseelan, C 2011-02-21T05:16:24Z 2011-02-21T05:16:24Z 1993
dc.description.abstract The present study deals with a general introduction which outlines the objective of the study providing an exhaustive review of works on crabs with particular reference to deep-sea forms. In the first section, Taxonomy and Geographical disribution of the crab are dealt with. The species is described in detail based on several male and female specimens obtained from the pelagic and bottom collections, and its identity in Indian waters is established. It is also distinguished from a closely allied species so far not reported from Indian waters. The second section comprises the biology of the species and it is dealt with under four subheading, namely Habit and Habitats, Reproduction, Food and feeding and Proximate composition. The different habitats occupied by juveniles, subadults and adults of the species have been described and discussed in the light of available information on differential distribution of other related species. The reproductive biology is described in various details touching on gross anatomy and histology of the reproductive systems, spermatogenesis, oogenesis, size at maturity, ovarian maturation process, fecundity, egg carriage and breeding. The food and feeding habits of the species have been studied with reference to the different life stages such as juveniles, subadults and adults during the different phases of life based on stomach content analysis. The percentage of meat recovery and protein, carbohydrate and lipid content of meat have been described in the section dealing with proximate composition. In section three the distribution and abundance of the crab for the entire Indian EEZ and some contiguous ares have been described and illustrated in detail separately for pelagic and benthic realms. The size frequency disrtibution, sex ratios, length weight relationship and relative abundance of breeding population in the experimental catches have been dealt with in detail and discussed. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute en_US
dc.subject Proximate composition en_US
dc.subject Bathymetric distribution en_US
dc.subject Seasonal distribution en_US
dc.subject Size frequency distribution en_US
dc.subject Breeding population en_US
dc.subject Crab en_US
dc.subject Deep-sea fishing en_US
dc.title Studies on the Deep - Water Crab Charybdis (Goniohellenus ) Smithii Macleay From the Seas Around India en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US
dc.contributor.faculty Marine Sciences en_US

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