The Effect of Glass Additives on the Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ba(Mg 1 /3Ta2/3)03 Ceramics

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The Effect of Glass Additives on the Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ba(Mg 1 /3Ta2/3)03 Ceramics

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dc.description.abstract The effect of glass additives on the densification , phase evolution, microstructure and microwave dielectric properties of Ba(Mg1;3 Ta2i3)03 (BMT) was investigated . Different weight percentages of quenched glass such as B203 , Si02, B203-SiO2, ZnO-B203, 5ZnO-2B2O3, Al203-SiO2, Na20-2B203.10H20, BaO-B203-SiO2, MgO-B203-SiO2, PbO-B203-SiO2 , ZnO-B203-SiO2 and 2MgO-Al203-5SiO2 were added to calcined BMT precursor . The sintering temperature of the glass -added BMT samples were lowered down to 1300 °C compared to solid-state sintering where the temperature was 1650 °C. The formation of high temperature satellite phases such as Ba5Ta4O15 and Ba7Ta6O22 were found to be suppressed by the glass addition . Addition of glass systems such as B203, ZnO-B203, 5ZnO-2B203 and ZnO-B203-SiO2 improved the densification and microwave dielectric properties. Other glasses were found to react with BMT to form low-Q phases which prevented densification . The microwave dielectric properties of undoped BMT with a densification of 93 . 1 % of the theoretical density were Cr = 24 . 8, Tr = 8 ppm/°C and Q„ x f= 80,000 GHz. The BMT doped with 1.0 wt% of B203 has Q„ x f = 124,700GHz, Cr = 24.2, and T f = -1.3 ppm /°C. The unloaded Q factor of 0.2 wt% ZnO-B203-doped BMT was 136,500 GHz while that of 1.0 wt% of 5ZnO-2B203 added ceramic was Q„ x f= 141,800 GHz . The best microwave quality factor was observed for ZnO -B203-SiO2 (ZBS) glass-added ceramics which can act as a perfect liquid-phase medium for the sintering of BMT. The microwave dielectric properties of 0.2wt% ZBS-added BMT dielectric was Q„ x f= 152,800 GHz, F,= 25.5, and Tr = - 1.5 ppm/°C en_US
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dc.subject Dielctric resonator en_US
dc.subject Microwave dielectric en_US
dc.subject Complex perovskites en_US
dc.subject Barium magnesium tantalate en_US
dc.subject Dielectric propertites en_US
dc.subject Liquid-phase sintering en_US
dc.subject Glass addition en_US
dc.subject Cation ordering en_US
dc.subject Low-loss materials en_US
dc.subject Low-temprature en_US
dc.title The Effect of Glass Additives on the Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ba(Mg 1 /3Ta2/3)03 Ceramics en_US
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