Microwave dielectric properties of (1-x)CaTi03-xSm(Mg1 /2Ti1/2)03 [0. 1 _<x_< 1] ceramics

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Microwave dielectric properties of (1-x)CaTi03-xSm(Mg1 /2Ti1/2)03 [0. 1 _<x_< 1] ceramics

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Title: Microwave dielectric properties of (1-x)CaTi03-xSm(Mg1 /2Ti1/2)03 [0. 1 _<x_< 1] ceramics
Author: Santha,N; Jawahar,I N; Mohanan, P; Sebastian,M T
Abstract: The microwave dielectric properties of (I -x)CaTiO3-xSm(Mg1/2Tit,2)O3(0.1 <-x< 1.0) have been investigated. The system forms a solid solution throughout the entire compositional range. The dielectric constant decreases from 86 to 25 as x varies from 0.1 to 1.0. The Qxf varies non-linearly and increases for composition with x> 0.6. The nonmonotonic variation with composition x is more pronounced in Tt than in er. The microwave dielectric properties indicate the possibility of a phase transformation for x between 0.4 and 0.5
URI: http://dyuthi.cusat.ac.in/purl/1453
Date: 2002

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