Synthesis,Characterization and Properties of [REI_xREX]TiNb06 Dielectric Ceramics

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Synthesis,Characterization and Properties of [REI_xREX]TiNb06 Dielectric Ceramics

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Title: Synthesis,Characterization and Properties of [REI_xREX]TiNb06 Dielectric Ceramics
Author: Sam,Solomon; Manoj,Kumar; Surendran,K P; Sebastian,M T; Mohanan, P
Abstract: Dielectric ceramics based on solid solution phases of [RE1_x= REr]TiNb06, where REI_s = Nd, Pr, Sm and RE' = Dy, Gd and Y, were prepared by the conventional solid-state ceramic route for values of x. The ceramic samples are characterized by X-ray diffraction and microwave methods. Ceramics based on RE (Pr, Nd and Sm) belonging to aeschynite group shows positive value of Tf and those based on RE (Gd, Dy and Y) belonging to euxenite group show negative value of r f. The solid solution phases between the aeschynite and the euxenite group shows intermediate dielectric constant and r f values. The results indicate the possibility of tailoring the dielectric properties by varying the composition of the solid solution phases. The range of solid solubility of euxenite in aeschenite and aeschenite in euxenite are different for different rare earth ions
Date: 2001

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