Development of Cell Culture Systems from Selected Species of Fish and Prawns

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Development of Cell Culture Systems from Selected Species of Fish and Prawns

Show simple item record Sunil Kumar, G Bright Singh, I S 2008-07-14T10:49:00Z 2008-07-14T10:49:00Z 2000
dc.description.abstract The present work deals with the development of primary cell culture and diploid cell lines from two fishes, such as Poecilia reticulata and Clarias gariepinus. The greatest difficulty experienced was the avoidance of bacterial and fungi contamination. Three types of cell cultures are commonly developed, primary cell culture, diploid cell lines and heteroploid cell lines. Primary cell culture obtained from the animal tissues that have been cultivated in vitro for the first time. They are characterized by the same chromosome number as parent tissue, cultivated in vitro for the first time, have wide range of virus susceptibility, usually not malignant, six chromatin retarded and do not grow as suspension cultures. Diploid cell lines arise from a primary cell culture at the time of subculturing. Diploid cell lines commercially used in virology are W1-38 (human embryonic lung), W1-26 (human embryonic lung) and HEX (Human embryonic kidney). Heteroploid cell lines have been subcultivated with less than 75% of the cells in the population having a diploid chromosome constitution. Tissue cultures have been extensively used in biomedical research. The main applications are in three areas, Karyological studies, Identification and study of hereditary metabolic disorders and Somatic cell genetics. Other applications are in virology and host-parasite relationships. In this study an attempt was made to preserve the ovarian tissue at low temperature in the presence of cryoprotectants so that the tissue can be retrieved at any time and a cell culture could be developed. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher School of Environment Studies, Faculty of Environment Studies en_US
dc.subject Cryoprotectants en_US
dc.subject Karyological studies. en_US
dc.subject Cell culture systems en_US
dc.subject HEX (Human embryonic kidney), en_US
dc.subject virology en_US
dc.subject W1-38 (human embryonic lung), en_US
dc.subject Somatic cell genetics en_US
dc.title Development of Cell Culture Systems from Selected Species of Fish and Prawns en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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