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Title: Studies on the Synthesis and Transformations of a Few 2(3H)- and 3(2H)-Furanones
Authors: Vidya,Raman
Keywords: Cycloaddition reaction
Dibenzoylalkenes- type systems
Hetroatomatic rings
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Department of Applied Chemistry ,Faculty of Science
Abstract: The thesis entitled studies on the synthesis and transformations of a few 2(3H)- and 3(2H)- furanones. Furanones represent an interesting class of heterocyclic compounds, which constitute the central ring system of many natural products. The derivatives of furan is divided, depending on their structure 2(3H)-furanones(I), 2(5H)-furanones(II), and 3(2H)-furanones(III). Systems I&II are unsatured gama lactones known as ‘butenolides’. Compounds of this type also known as ‘crotonolactones’ based on the parent crotonic acid. In conclusion a number of 2(3H)-and 3(2H)- furanones were synthesized from dibenzoylalkene precursors and were characterized on the basis of spectral analytical and X-ray data. On direct irradiation 3,3-bis(4-chloropheneyl)-5-aryl-3H-furan -2-ones underwent decarbonylation to yield the corresponding alpha, beta- unsaturated carbonyl compounds and upon sensitized irradiation they underwent dimersation arising through a 2+2 cycloaddition reaction. Our studies on 3(2H)-furanones revealed that these compounds are thermally stable, while they undergo extensive decomposition to intractable mixtures under the influence of light. Similarly, the novel dibenzoylalkenes- type systems containing hetroatomatic rings synthesized by us also underwent extensive decomposition under the influence of heat. Some of the 3(2H)-furanones synthesized by us exhibit remarkable anti-proliferative activity.
URI: http://dyuthi.cusat.ac.in/purl/96
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