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Title: Enhanced UV emission from ZnO nanoflowers synthesized by the hydrothermal process
Authors: Junaid, Bushiri M
Vinod, R
Sajan, P
Sreekumar, Rajappan Achary
Carmen, Martinez Tomas
Vicente, Munoz-Sanjose
Issue Date: 4-Oct-2012
Publisher: IOP Publishing LTD
Abstract: ZnO nanoflowers were synthesized by the hydrothermal process at an optimized growth temperature of 200 ◦C and a growth/reaction time of 3 h. As-prepared ZnO nanoflowers were characterized by x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, UV–visible and Raman spectroscopy. X-ray diffraction and Raman studies reveal that the as-synthesized flower-like ZnO nanostructures are highly crystalline with a hexagonal wurtzite phase preferentially oriented along the (1 0 1 1) plane. The average length (234–347 nm) and diameter (77–106 nm) of the nanorods constituting the flower-like structure are estimated using scanning electron microscopy studies. The band gap of ZnO nanoflowers is estimated as 3.23 eV, the lowering of band gap is attributed to the flower-like surface morphology and microstructure of ZnO. Room temperature photoluminescence spectrum shows a strong UV emission peak at 392 nm, with a suppressed visible emission related to the defect states, indicating the defect free formation of ZnO nanoflowers that can be potentially used for UV light-emitting devices. The suppressed Raman bands at 541 and 583 cm−1 related to defect states in ZnO confirms that the ZnO nanoflowers here obtained have a reduced presence of defects
Description: J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 45 (2012) 425103 (6pp)
URI: http://dyuthi.cusat.ac.in/purl/4555
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