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Title: Annealing inducedlowcoercivity,nanocrystallineCo–Fe–Si thin films exhibitinginversecosine angular variation
Authors: Anantharaman, M R
Hysen, T
Salim, Al-Harthi
Al-Omari, I A
Geetha, P
Lisha, R
Ramanujan, R V
Sakthi Kumar, D
Keywords: Magnetic thin film
Surface morphology
Surface magnetism
Issue Date: 18-Apr-2013
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: Co–Fe–Si based films exhibit high magnetic moments and are highly sought after for applications like soft under layer sinper pendicular recording mediatomagneto-electro-mechanical sensor applications.In this workt he effect of annealing on s tructural,morphologicaland magnetic propertiesofco–Fe–Si thin films wasinvestigated.compositional analysis using x-rayphotoelectron spectroscopy and secondary ion massspectroscopyrevealedanativeoxidesurfacelayerconsistingofoxidesofco,feandsionthe surface. The morphology of theas deposited films shows mound like structures conformingtothe Volmer–Webergrowthmodel.Nanocrystallisationofamorphous films upon annealing was observed by glancing anglex-raydiffraction and transmission electron microscopy.Theevolutionofmagnetic properties with annealing is explained using the Herzermodel.Vibrating sample magnetometry measurements carried out at various angles from01 to 901 to the applied magnetic field were employed to study the angula rvariation of coercivity.The angular variation fits the modified Kondorsky model. Interestingly,the coercivity evolution with annealing deduced frommagneto-opticalKerreffectstudies indicates areversetrendcomparedtomagetisationobservedinthebulk.Thiscanbeattributedtoa domain wallpinningatnativeoxidelayeronthesurfaceofthin films. Theevolutionofsurfacemagnetic properties iscorrelatedwithmorphologyevolutionprobedusingatomicforcemicroscopy.The morphology aswellasthepresenceofthenativeoxidelayerdictatesthesurfacemagneticproperties and this is corroborated by the apparent difference in the bulk and surface magnetic properties
Description: JournalofMagnetismandMagneticMaterials341(2013)165–172
URI: http://dyuthi.cusat.ac.in/purl/4411
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