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Title: Continuous Production of Extracellular L-Glutaminase by Ca-Alginate-Immobilized Marine Beauveria bassiana BTMF S-10 in Packed-Bed Reactor
Authors: Chandrasekaran, M
Abdul Hameed, Sabu
Rajeev Kumar, S
Keywords: Glutaminase
Beauveria bassiana
packedbed reactor.
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Humana Press
Abstract: L-Glutamine amidohydrolase (L-glutaminase, EC is a therapeutically and industrially important enzyme. Because it is a potent antileukemic agent and a flavor-enhancing agent used in the food industry, many researchers have focused their attention on L-glutaminase. In this article, we report the continuous production of extracellular L-glutaminase by the marine fungus Beauveria bassiana BTMF S-10 in a packed-bed reactor. Parameters influencing bead production and performance under batch mode were optimized in the order-support (Na-alginate) concentration, concentration of CaCl2 for bead preparation, curing time of beads, spore inoculum concentration, activation time, initial pH of enzyme production medium, temperature of incubation, and retention time. Parameters optimized under batch mode for L-glutaminase production were incorporated into the continuous production studies. Beads with 12 × 108 spores/g of beads were activated in a solution of 1% glutamine in seawater for 15 h, and the activated beads were packed into a packed-bed reactor. Enzyme production medium (pH 9.0) was pumped through the bed, and the effluent was collected from the top of the column. The effect of flow rate of the medium, substrate concentration, aeration, and bed height on continuous production of L-glutaminase was studied. Production was monitored for 5 h in each case, and the volumetric productivity was calculated. Under the optimized conditions for continuous production, the reactor gave a volumetric productivity of 4.048 U/(mL·h), which indicates that continuous production of the enzyme by Ca-alginate-immobilizedspores is well suited for B. bassiana and results in a higher yield of enzyme within a shorter time. The results indicate the scope of utilizing immobilized B. bassiana for continuous commercial production of L-glutaminase
Description: Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology,Vol. 102–103, 2002
URI: http://dyuthi.cusat.ac.in/purl/4260
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