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Title: Investigations on the Radiation Characteristics of Broadband Strip Loaded Slotted Microstrip Antennas
Authors: Sarin, V P
Dr.Vasudevan, K
Keywords: Microstrip Antennas
Radiation from a microstrip antenna
Models/Techniques used in the analysis of microstrip antennas
Fabrication of microstrip antennas
Antenna measurements HFSS: 3D Electromagnetic simulator
Evolution of the antenna
Issue Date: Jan-2012
Publisher: Cochin University of Science and Technology
Abstract: With the recent progress and rapid increase in mobile terminals, the design of antennas for small mobile terminals is acquiring great importance. In view of this situation, several design concepts are already been addressed by the scientists and engineers. Compactness and efficiency are the major criteria for mobile terminal antennas. The challenging task of the microwave scientists and engineers is to device compact printed radiating systems having broadband behavior, together with good efficiency. Printed antenna technology has received popularity among antenna scientists after the introduction of microstrip antenna in 1970s. The successors in this kind such as printed monopoles and planar inverted F are also equally important. Scientists and Engineers are trying to explore this technology as a viable coast effective solution for forthcoming microwave revolution. The transmission line perspectives of antennas are very interesting. The concept behind any electromagnetic radiator is simple. Any electromagnetic system with a discontinuity is radiating electromagnetic energy. The size, shape and the orientation of the discontinuities controls the radiation characteristics of the system such as radiation pattern, gain, polarization etc. It can be either resonant or non resonant structure. Microstrip antennas are suitable for wireless applications due to their low cost, high gain and ease of fabrication. But the major disadvantage of micro strip antennas is their inherent narrow bandwidth. A lot of techniques are introduced by the researchers all over the world to enhance the bandwidth of micro strip patch antennas. The thesis addresses an attempt to enhance the bandwidth of micro strip patch antennas by incorporating impedance matching strip as a part of the micro strip patch antenna. The first part of the thesis deals with the broadband operation of the tilted square slot and polygonal slot loaded square micro strip patch antennas. The resonant mechanisms are clearly mentioned using the simulation and experimental studies. The bandwidth of the polygonal slotted broadband patch antenna is again enhanced by implementing an Lstrip feed mechanism. In the second major part of the thesis, a novel gain enhancement technique for single band and broadband square micro strip patch antennas is achieved by implementing offset stacked configurations.
Description: Department of Electronics Cochin University of Science and Technology
URI: http://dyuthi.cusat.ac.in/purl/3270
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