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Title: Effect of annealing on the spectral and nonlinear optical characteristics of thin films of nano-ZnO
Authors: Litty, Irimpan
Ambika, D
Kumar, V
Nampoori, V P N
Radhakrishnan, P
Keywords: nano-ZnO
Annealing effect
Thin films
Spectral and nonlinear optical characteristics
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Abstract: The annealing effect on the spectral and nonlinear optical NLO characteristics of ZnO thin films deposited on quartz substrates by sol-gel process is investigated. As the annealing temperature increases from 300–1050 °C, there is a decrease in the band gap, which indicates the changes of the interface of ZnO. ZnO is reported to show two emission bands, an ultraviolet UV emission band and another in the green region. The intensity of the UV peak remains the same while the intensity of the visible peak increases with increase in annealing temperature. The role of oxygen in ZnO thin films during the annealing process is important to the change in optical properties. The mechanism of the luminescence suggests that UV luminescence of ZnO thin films is related to the transition from conduction band edge to valence band, and green luminescence is caused by the transition from deep donor level to valence band due to oxygen vacancies. The NLO response of these samples is studied using nanosecond laser pulses at off-resonance wavelengths. The nonlinear absorption coefficient increases from 2.9 ×10−6 to 1.0 ×10−4 m/W when the annealing temperature is increased from 300 to 1050 °C, mainly due to the enhancement of interfacial state and exciton oscillator strength. The third order optical susceptibility x(3) increases with increase in annealing temperature (T) within the range of our investigations. In the weak confinement regime, T2.4 dependence of x(3) is obtained for ZnO thin films. The role of annealing temperature on the optical limiting response is also studied.
URI: http://dyuthi.cusat.ac.in/xmlui/purl/2043
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