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14-Apr-2005(1−x)MgAl2O4-xTiO2 dielectrics for microwave and millimeter wave applicationsSurendran,K P; Bijumon, P V; Mohanan, P; Sebastian,M T
1997Ba(Tb1/2Nb1/2)03: A New Ceramic Microwave Dielectric ResonatorSreemoolanadhan,H; Ratheesh, R; Sebastian,M T
31-Mar-2005Broadband Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna Excited by Modified Microstrip LineBijumon, P V; Sreedevi, Menon K; Suma,M N; Sebastian,M T; Mohanan, P
31-Mar-2005Broadband Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna Excited by Modified Microstrip LineMohanan, P; Bijumon, P V; Menon,S K; Suma,M N; Sebastian,M T
20-Oct-2004A compact very-high-permittivity dielectric-eye resonator antenna for multiband wireless applicationsBinu, Paul; Mridula, S; Mohanan, P; Bijumon, P V; Sebastian,M T
20-Feb-1998Dielecting-resonator-loaded microstrip antenna for enhanced impedance bandwidth and efficiencyJacob,George; Aanandan,C K; Mohanan, P; K G Nair; Sreemoolanathan,H; Sebastian,M T
1994Dielectric Properties of Ba5Nb4O15 CeramicSreemoolanadhan,H; Issac,J; Solomon,S; Sebastian,M T; Jose,K A; Mohanan, P
2005The effect of dopants on the microwave dielectric properties of Ba( Mgo.33Ta0.67)03 ceramicsSurendran,K P; Sebastian,M T; Mohanan, P; Mohanan,Jacob V
2005Effect of Doping on the Dielectric Properties of Cerium Oxide in the Microwave and Far- Infrared Frequency RangeSurendran,K P; Sebastian,M T; Mohanan, P; Roberto,Moreira L; Anderson,Dias
2004The Effect of Glass Additives on the Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ba(Mg 1 /3Ta2/3)03 CeramicsSurendran,K P; Mohanan, P; Sebastian,M T
20-Nov-2002Enhanced Bandwidth Microstrip Patch Antennas Loaded with High Permittivity Dielectric ResonatorsBijumon, P V; Sreedevi, Menon K; Sebastian,M T; Mohanan, P
1995High Permittivity and Low Ceramics in the Bao-SrO-Nb2O5 SystemSreemoolanadhan,H; Sebastian,M T; Mohanan, P
5-May-2005L-strip-fed Wideband Rectangular Dielectric Resonator AntennaSreedevi, Menon K; Lethakumary,B; Bijumon, P V; Sebastian,M T; Mohanan, P
2000Microwave Characterisation of BaCe2Ti5O15 and Ba5Nb4O15 Ceramic Dielectric Resonators Using Whispering Gallery Mode MethodRatheesh, R; Sebastian,M T; Mohanan, P; Tobar,M E; Hartnett,J; Woode,R; Blair,D G
2002Microwave dielectric properties of (1-x)CaTi03-xSm(Mg1 /2Ti1/2)03 [0. 1 _<x_< 1] ceramicsSantha,N; Jawahar,I N; Mohanan, P; Sebastian,M T
2005Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ba(Mg1/3Ta(2-2x)/3Wx/3Tix/3) 03 CeramicsSurendran,K P; Mohanan, P; Sebastian,M T
2004Microwave Dielectric Properties of BaO -2CeO2-nTiO2 CeramicsSreemoolanadhan,H; Sebastian,M T; Ratheesh, R; Blachnik,R; Woehleche,M; Schneider,B; Neumann,M; Mohanan, P
1996Microwave Dielectric Resonator Based on Ba[(Bi0.2 D3+0.3)Nb0.5]O3(D3+=Y,Pr,Sm,Gd,Dy,Er)Sam,Solomon; Sreemoolanadhan,H; Sebastian,M T; Mohanan, P
1998New High Permittivity and Low Loss Ceramics in the Bao-Ti02- Nb205 CompositionRatheesh, R; Sreemoolanadhan,H; Suma, S; Sebastian,M T; Jose,K A; Mohanan, P
2000Photoacoustic investigation of the effect of excess lead oxide on thermal diffusivity of PLZT ceramicRadhakrishnan, P; Nampoori, V P N; Girijavallabhan, C P; George, N A; Paul, T; Sebastian,M T
Showing results 1 to 20 of 35
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