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9-Jan-2007Characterization and Catalytic Activity of Polymer Supported Ruthenium Schiff Base Complexes Towards Catechol OxidationMohammed Yusuff, K K; Sridevi, N; Pearly Sebastian, C; Science
10-Aug-2003Cobalt (II), Nickel (II), and Copper (II) Complexes of Polystyrene-Supported Schiff BasesMohammed Yusuff, K K; Suja, N R; Science
2-Dec-2002Copper(II) complexes of embelin and 2-aminobenzimidazole encapsulated in zeolite Y-potential as catalystsMohammed Yusuff, K K; Rani, Abraham
20-Jul-2000Determination of the nature of the diperiodatocuprate(III) species in aqueous alkaline medium through a kinetic and mechanistic study on the oxidation of iodide ionMohammed Yusuff, K K; Sridevi, Nadimpall; Jelaja, Padmavathy; Science
2001Investigations on Some Titania Supported CatalystsAhmed Yasir,Vakayil; Mohan Das,P N; Mohammed Yusuff, K K
1996Measurement of thermal diffusivity of some halogeno benzimidazole complexes of cobalt(II), copper (II) and copper(I) using laser induced photoacoustic effectSankara Raman, S; Nampoori, V P N; Vallabhan, C P G; Saravanan, N; Mohammed Yusuff, K K; Technology
15-Jul-2009N-[(E )-Quinoxalin-2-ylmethylidene]-1H-indazol-5-amineMohammed Yusuff, K K; Leeju, P; Arun,V; Manju, Sebastian; Varsha, Gopalakrishnan; Digna, Varghese
7-Feb-2009Ni(II) and Ru(II) Schiff base complexes as catalysts for the reduction of benzeneMohammed Yusuff, K K; Arun, Vasudevan; Sreedevi, N; Robinson, P P; Manju, Sebastian
23-Jan-2009N,N'-Bis[(E )-quinoxalin-2-ylmethylidene]ethane-1,2-diamineMohammed Yusuff, K K; Digna, Varghese; Arun, Vasudevan; Manju, Sebastian; Leeju, P; Varsha, Gopalakrishnan
18-Jan-2009A novel fluorescent bisazomethine dye derived from 3-hydroxyquinoxaline-2- carboxaldehyde and 2,3-diaminomaleonitrileMohammed Yusuff, K K; Arun, Vasudevan; Robinson, P P; Manju, Sebastian; Leeju, P; Varsha, Gopalakrishnan; Digna, Vasudevan
2006Organometallic Hydroxides of Transition ElementsMohammed Yusuff, K K; Roesky, Herbert W; Singh, Sanjay; Maguire, John A; Hosmane, Narayan S; Science
5-Jun-2009Oxidation kinetics of nickel nano crystallites obtained by controlled thermolysis of diaquabis(ethylenediamine) nickel(II) nitrateMohammed Yusuff, K K; Robinson, P P; Arun, Vasudevan; Manju, Sebastian; Ummer Aniz, Chennampilly
12-Aug-2001Preparation of high surface area TiO (anatase) by thermal hydrolysis 2 of titanyl sulphate solutionMohammed Yusuff, K K; Ahmed Yasir,Vakayil; Mohan Das,P N
5-Feb-2008Ruthenium complexes of Schiff base ligands as efficient catalysts for catechol–hydrogen peroxide reactionMohammed Yusuff, K K; Pearly Sebastian, Chittilappilly; Sridevi, N
Jul-1991Studies on some Metal Complexes of Biologically Important LigandsSreekala, R; Mohammed Yusuff, K K
Aug-1996Studies on some new 3d-Transition Metal Complexes of igands derived from Benzimidazole and TriazoleSaravanan, N; Mohammed Yusuff, K K
Apr-1992Studies on Some New Complexes of Iron , Cobalt, Nickel and CopperKarthikeyan, A R; Mohammed Yusuff, K K
Apr-1996Studies on some new Metal Complexes of Quinoxaline based LigandsSudha, George Valavi; Mohammed Yusuff, K K
Dec-1993Studies on some new Metal Complexes of the Schiff Bases Derived from Triazoles and FlavazolesKrishnakumar, C; Mohammed Yusuff, K K
2002Studies on Some New Metal-Hydrazone Complexes and Their Zeolite Encapsulated AnaloguesVineetha,C P; Mohammed Yusuff, K K
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