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Oct-2014Catalysis by Modified Pillared Clays and Porous Clay HeterostructuresNissam, E; Sugunan, S
Nov-2002Catalysis by some metal oxides modified with phosphate ionsSugunan, S; Suja, H; Deepa, C S; Sreeja Rani, K; Ouseph, M V; Science
Feb-2001Catalysis of C-alkylation of phenol using V2O5-La2O3 systemSugunan, S; Renuka, N K; Science
Oct-1994Catalytic activity of lanthanum oxide for the reduction of cyclohexanoneSugunan, S; Sherly, K B; Science
16-Sep-2011Catalytic activity of some of the perovskite-type mixed oxides (ABO3) consisting of rare earth and 3d transition metalsSugunan, S; Meera, V; Science
2005Characterisation of the acid-base properties of pillared montmorillonitesManju, Kurian; Sugunan, S; Science
2000A comparative study on aniline alkylation activity using methanol and dimethyl carbonate as the alkylating agents over Zn–Co–Fe ternary spinel systemsSreekumar, K; Thomas, Mathew; Mirajkar, S P; Sugunan, S; Rao, B S; Science
2000A comparative study on the anisole methylation activity of lanthanum-promoted Sn02 catalyst and its sulfate-doped analogueJyothi, T M; Sugunan, S; Rao, B S; Science
2007Dehydration of aldoximes on rare earth exchanged (La3+, Ce3+, RE3+, Sm3+) Na–Y zeolites: A facile route for the synthesis of nitrilesBejoy, Thomas; Sugunan, S; Science
2004Effect of pore size on the catalytic activities of K-I 0 clay and H-zeolites for the acetalization of ketones with methanolBejoy, Thomas; Prathapan,S; Sugunan, S; Science
Apr-2002Effect of vanadia on physico-chemical and catalytic characteristics of dysprosiaSugunan, S; Renuka, N K; Science
1995Electron-donating, acid-base, and magnetic properties of samaria catalystSugunan, S; Malayan, J J; Science
Mar-1995Electron donating properties and catalytic actiVity of cerium oxide and its mixed oxides with aluminaSugunan, S; Jalaja, J M; Science
Aug-1993Electron Donating Properties and Catalytic Activity of Rare Earth OxidesSherly, K B; Sugunan, S
1995Electron Donating Property and Catalytic Activity of Perovskite-type Mixed Oxides (ABO3 ) Consisting of Rare Earth and 3d Transition MetalsSugunan, S; Meera, V; Science
1991Electron donor sites on Y2O3 catalyst as a function of the activation temperatureSugunan, S; Devika Rani, G; Science
Nov-1993Electron donor strength of rare earth oxidesSugunan, S; Devika Rani, G; Science
Mar-2006Enhanced pH and thermal stabilities of invertase immobilized on montmorillonite K-10Sanjay, G; Sugunan, S; Science
24-Apr-2003Evanescent wave fibre optic sensors for trace analysis of Fe3+ in waterRadhakrishnan, P; Nampoori, V P N; Girijavallabhan, C P; Thomas Lee, S; Suresh, Kumar P; Unnikrishnan, K P; Sugunan, S
15-May-2003Evanescent Wave Fibre Optic Sensors for Trace Analysis of Fe3+ in WaterNampoori, V P N; Suresh, Kumar P; Unnikrishnan, K P; Thomas Lee, S; Girijavallabhan, C P; Sugunan, S; Radhakrishnan, P
Showing results 18 to 37 of 105
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