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2004Influence of residual cations (Na+, K+ and Mg2+) in the alkylation activity of benzene with 1-octene over rare earth metal ion exchanged FAU–Y zeoliteBejoy, Thomas; Sugunan, S; Science
Aug-2003Influence of sulphate content on the physico-chemical properties and catalytic activity of some sulphated zirconia systemsSuja, H; Deepa, C S; Sreeja Rani, K; Sugunan, S; Science
Aug-2006Influence of surface and acid properties of vanadia supported on ceria promoted with rice husk silica on cyclohexanol decompositionRadhika, T; Sugunan, S; Science
2005Invertase immobilised on montmorillonite: reusability enhancement and reduction in leachingSanjay, G; Sugunan, S; Science
Nov-2010Investigation on Bioactive Phytochemicals of Jamun(Syzygium cumini) FruitBenherlal, P S; Dr.Arumughan, C; Science
Dec-1998Investigations on Photoconductivity and Electrical Switiching in Selected Chalcogenide GlassesGregorios, Mathew; Dr. Jacob, Philip; Science
Aug-2009Investigations on some selected conducting polymers and polymer composites for possible optoelectronic applicationsAmrithesh, M; Dr.Jayalekshmi, S; Science
Jan-2002Investigations on some Y-Zeolite encapsulated transition metal complexes of Schiff basesPreetha, G Prasad; Dr.Mohammed Yusuff,K K; Science
May-2006Investigations on the effect of excitonic confinement on nanomagnetic materials and studies on the optical properties of ferrofluidsSwapna, Nair S; Dr.Anantharaman, M R; Science
Feb-2004Investigations on The Finite Size Effects of Some Inverse Spinels and Studies on Their Composites Based on Nitrile RubberMatlrew, George; Dr.Anantharaman, M R; Science
Aug-2010Investigations on the Multiferroic and Thermoelectric properties of Low and Intermediate band width ManganitesSagar, S; Dr.Anantharaman, M R; Science
Aug-2009Investigations on the preparation of composite polysaccharide films and micro / nanoparticles for novel applicationsSimi, C K; Dr. Emilia Abraham, T; Science
2003Iron Promoted Sulphated Zirconia Systems as Efficient Catalysts for Phenol HydroxylationSuja, H; Sugunan, S; Science
Apr-1999Isolation and Characterization of Agglutinin in the Hemolymph of Penaeus indicus H. Milne EdwardsJayasree, S; Dr. Selvam, G S; Science
May-2006Isolation, purification and characterization of Protease Inhibitor from Moringa oleifera Lam.Bijina, B; Dr.Chandrasekaran,M; Science
Jul-1997Lewis acidity of rare earth exchanged zeolitesSugunan, S; Bindhu, J; Disha; Jessey, V; Science
Aug-2002Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Separation of Mercury from Industrial WastesTania, Francis; Dr.Reddy, M L P; Science
2002Liquid phase benzoylation of arenes over iron promoted sulphated zirconiaSuja, H; Deepa, C S; Sreeja Rani, K; Sugunan, S; Science
Oct-2003Liquid phase benzylation of o-xylene over pillared claysManju, Kurian; Sugunan, S; Science
May-2002Liquid-phase Friedel-Crafts acylation using NixMn(l-x)Fe2O4 spinel catalystsSugunan, S; Nishamol, K; Science
Showing results 82 to 101 of 233
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