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31-Aug-1995Infrared and polarized Raman spectra of Cu(HSeO3)2 • H20 single crystalJunaid, Bushiri M; Ratheesh, R; Suresh, G; Nayar, V U
11-Feb-2014Mn2þ-induced room-temperature ferromagnetism and spin-glass behavior in hydrothermally grown Mn-doped ZnO nanorodsJunaid, Bushiri M; Vinod, R; Sajan, P; Sreekumar, Rajappan Achary; Vicente, Muñoz-Sanjosé
5-Jan-2012Photoluminescence Studies Of Microwave Assisted Synthesized Zno Micro StructuresJunaid, Bushiri M; Gopakumar, V
20-Oct-2006Photoluminescence studies of spray pyrolytically grown nanostructured tin oxide semiconductor thin films on glass substratesJunaid, Bushiri M; Saji, Chacko; Vaidyan, V K
15-Mar-2002Raman and FTIR spectra of [Cu(H2O)6](BrO3)2 and [Al(H2O)6](BrO3)3 · 3H2OJunaid, Bushiri M; Nayar, V U
11-Feb-2008Raman and FTIR studies of the structural aspects of Nasicon-type crystals; AFeTi(PO4)3 [A ¼ Ca, Cd]Junaid, Bushiri M; Antony, C J; Abderrahim, Aatiq
2002Raman and infrared spectral analysis of thallium niobyl phosphates: Tl2NbO2PO4, Tl3NaNb4O9(PO4)2 and TlNbOP2O7Junaid, Bushiri M; Jayasree, R S; Fakhfakh, M; Nayar, V U
23-Apr-1999Raman spectra of KTP crystal in an in situ electric fieldJunaid, Bushiri M; Mahadevan Pillai, V P; Ratheesh, R; Nayar, V U
17-Jan-2013Structural And Surface Morphological Investigation Of Formation Stages Of Highly (002) Oriented Zno Films On Glass Substrates By Spray Pyrolysis MethodJunaid, Bushiri M; Gopakumar, V; Vaidyan, V K
27-Jul-2005Temperature dependent polarized Raman spectra of nonaaqualanthanoid (Pr) single crystalJunaid, Bushiri M; Jayasree, R S; Annamma, John; Nayar, V U
1997Vibrational spectroscopic studies of FeClMoO4, Na2MoO4 and Na2MoO4·2H2O:D2OJunaid, Bushiri M; Mahadevan Pillai, V P; Pradeep, T; Jayasree, R S; Nayar, V U
27-May-2007Vibrational spectroscopic studies of Guanidinium metal (MII) sulphate hexahydrates [MII = Co, Fe, Ni]Junaid, Bushiri M; Antony, C J; Michel, Fleck
10-Jan-2013X-Ray Crysatllographic and Vibrational Spectroscopic Studies of Thorium Bromate HydrateJunaid, Bushiri M; Kochuthresia, T C; Athimoolam, S; Ramakrishnan, V; Vaidyan, V K
Showing results 8 to 20 of 20
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