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6-May-1992Extracellular L-Glutaminase Production By Marine BacteriaChandrasekaran, M; Renu, S
6-Aug-1999Extracellular production of L-glutaminase by alkalophilic Beauveria bassiana BTMF S10 isolated from marine sedimentChandrasekaran, M; Rajeev Kumar, S; Sabu, A; Suresh, P V; Keerthi, T R
2009Extracellular β-glucosidase Production by a Marine Aspergillus sydowii BTMFS 55 under Solid State Fermentation Using Statistical Experimental DesignChandrasekaran, M; Madhu, K M; Beena, P S
1985Fish flesh agar medium - a suitable experimental medium for the detection of spoilage bacteriaChandrasekaran, M; Lakshmanaperumalsamy, P; Chandramohan, D
Feb-2007Genomics and Marine ProkaryotesChandrasekaran, M
1-Feb-2013Halocin SH10 production by an extreme haloarchaeon Natrinema sp. BTSH10 isolated from salt pans of South IndiaChandrasekaran, M; Karthikeyan, P; Sarita,G Bhat
23-Jun-1998Impact of process parameters on chitinase production by an alkalophilic marine Beau6eria bassiana in solid state fermentationChandrasekaran, M; Suresh, P V
1997Impact of process parameters on L-glutaminase production by marine Vibrio costicola in solid state fermentation using polystyrene as an inert supportChandrasekaran, M; Nagendra, Prabhu G
Jun-2001L-Glutaminase production by an immobilized marine Pseudomonas sp. BTMS -51Rajeev Kumar, S; Chandrasekaran, M
27-Sep-1999L-Glutaminase production by marine Beau6eria sp. under solid state fermentationChandrasekaran, M; Rajeev Kumar, S; Keerthi, T R; Sabu, A
Dec-1999L-glutaminase production by marine fungiSabu, A; Chandrasekaran, M
Oct-2011Lipase from marine Aspergillus awamori BTMFW032: Production, partial purification and application in oil effluent treatmentChandrasekaran, M; Soorej, Basheer M; Sreeja, Chellappan; Beena, P S; Rajeev, Sukumaran K; Elyas, K K
2008Marine Bacteria As Source Of Pigment For Application As Dye In Textile IndustryChandrasekaran, M; Jissa, Krishna G; Soorej, Basheer M; Beena, P S
24-Apr-2013Marine bacterial prodigiosin as dye for rubber latex, polymethyl methacrylate sheets and paperChandrasekaran, M; Jissa, Krishna G; Ansu, Jacob; Elyas, K K; Philip, Kurian
2010Marine Microbial EnzymesChandrasekaran, M; Rajeev Kumar, S
10-Jan-2010Molecular cloning and homology modelling of a subtilisin-like serine protease from the marine fungus, Engyodontium album BTMFS10Sarita,G Bhat; Jasmin, C; Sreeja, Chellappan; Rajeev, K Sukumaran; Elyas, K K; Chandrasekaran, M
10-Jan-2010Molecular cloning and homology modelling of a subtilisin-like serine protease from the marine fungus, Engyodontium album BTMFS10Chandrasekaran, M; Jasmin, C; Sreeja, Chellappan; Sarita,G Bhat; Rajeev, Sukumaran K; Elyas, K K
2005Multiple Antibiotic Resistances of Vibrio Isolates from Coastal and Brackish Water AreasChandrasekaran, M; Manjusha, S; Sarita,G Bhat; Elyas, K K
11-Mar-1994A Novel Acinetobacter Sp. For 'Treating Highly Acidic Rubber Latex Cen'trifugation EffluentChandrasekaran, M; Jayachandran, K; Suresh, P V
Jan-2002Polyphosphate Accumulation by Marine BacteriaDasan,E V; Chandrasekaran, M
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