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20-May-2010Molecular characterization of a crustinlike antimicrobial peptide in the giant tiger shrimp, Penaeus monodon, and its expression profile in response to various immunostimulants and challenge with WSSVBright Singh, I S; Swapna, Antony P; Sudheer, N S; Vrinda, S; Priyaja, P; Rosamma, Philip
21-Oct-2009Molecular characterization of a crustin-like, putative antimicrobial peptide, Fi-crustin, from the Indian white shrimp, Fenneropenaeus indicusBright Singh, I S; Swapna, Antony P; Rosamma, Philip
10-Feb-2013Molecular characterization of the nitrifying bacterial consortia employed for the activation of bioreactors used in brackish and marine aquaculture systemsBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Vrinda, Sukumaran; Cini, Achuthan; Rejish Kumar, V J; Valsamma, Joseph
25-Feb-2014Multifactorial interaction of growth factors on Penaeus monodon lymphoid cells and the impact of IGFs in DNA synthesis and metabolic activity in vitroBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Jayesh, P
26-May-2012A new isoform of anti-lipopolysaccharide factor identified from the blue swimmer crab, Portunus pelagicus: Molecular characteristics and phylogenyBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Sanjeevan, V N; Swapna, Antony P; Afsal, V V; Anil Kumar, P R
3-Mar-2011Nitrification in a packed bed bioreactor integrated into amarine recirculating maturation system under different substrate concentrations and flow ratesBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Rejish Kumar, V J; Valsamma, Joseph; Vijai, R
Mar-2008Nitrifying Bioreactors Integrated into Shrimp and Prawn Hatchery Systems: Molecular Characterization of the Nitrifying Consortia,Reactor Kinetics, Modeling and ValidationRejish Kumar, V J; Bright Singh, I S; Dr.Rosamma,Philip
25-Nov-2012A Novel Isoform of the Hepatic Antimicrobial Peptide, Hepcidin (Hepc-CB1), from a Deep-Sea Fish, the Spinyjaw Greeneye Chlorophthalmus bicornis (Norman, 1939): Molecular Characterisation and PhylogenyBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Swapna, Antony P; Naveen, Sathyan; Anil Kumar, P R; Chaithanya, E R; Sajeevan, V N
30-Sep-2012A novel medium for the development of in vitro cell culture system from Penaeus monodonBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Jayesh, P; Seena, Jose
20-Jul-2006Optimization of carbon and nitrogen sources and growth factors for the production of an aquaculture probiotic (Pseudomonas MCCB 103) using response surface methodologyBright Singh, I S; Jayaprakash, N S; Preetha, R; PhIlip, R
2007Optimization of carbon and nitrogen sources and growth factors for the production of an aquaculture probiotic (Pseudomonas MCCB 103) using response surface methodologyRosamma, Philip; Preetha, R; Jayaprakash, N S; Bright Singh, I S; Marine Sciences
1-Oct-2007Optimization of medium for the production of a novel aquaculture probiotic, Micrococcus MCCB 104 using central composite designBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Jayaprakash, N S; Preetha, R
3-Dec-2003Optimum growth requirements of nitrifying consortia developed from treated sewageBright Singh, I S; Kavitha, Ramachandran
2009Ornamental Fish Diseases And Their Management MeasuresBright Singh, I S; Sreedharan, K
15-Aug-2009Pathological changes in Fenneropenaeus indicus experimentally infected with white spot virus and virus morphogenesisBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Resmy, Varghese; Manjusha, M; Mohandas, A
2010Penaeus monodon larvae can be protected from Vibrio harveyi infection by pre-emptive treatment of a rearing system with antagonistic or non-antagonistic bacterial probioticsBright Singh, I S; Somnath Pai, S; Anas, A; Jayaprakash, N S; Priyaja, P; Preetha, R; Rosamma, Philip; Mohandas, A; Sreelakshmi, B
8-Aug-2013Potential application of β-1, 3 glucanase from an environmental isolate of Pseudomonas aeruginosa MCCB 123 in fungal DNA extractionBright Singh, I S; Prem, Gopinath; Mohandas, A; Divya, Jose; Jayesh, P
31-Aug-2010Primary hemocyte culture of Penaeus monodon as an in vitro model for white spot syndrome virus titration, viral and immune related gene expression and cytotoxicity assaysBright Singh, I S; Rosamma, Philip; Mohandas, A; Seena, Jose
2-Mar-2004Probiotic Effects of Lactic Acid Bacteria Against Vibrio Alginolyticus in Penaeus (Fenneropenaeus) Indicus (H. Milne Edwards)Bright Singh, I S; Ajitha, S; Sridhar, N; Sridhar, M; Varghese, V
2-Aug-2011Reducing Vibrio load in Artemia nauplii usingantimicrobial photodynamic therapy: a promising strategy to reduce antibiotic application in shrimp larvicultureBright Singh, I S; Aparna, Asok; Esha, Arshad; Jasmin, C; Somnath Pai, S; Mohandas, A; Abdulaziz, Anas
Showing results 48 to 67 of 77
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