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5-Mar-2014Near fifty percent sodium substituted lanthanum manganites—A potential magnetic refrigerant for room temperature applicationsAnantharaman, M R; Sethulakshmi, N; Al-Omari, I A; Suresh, K G
3-May-1997A new inexpensive method for the preparation of acicular precursors for magnetic recording mediaAnantharaman, M R; Joseph, K V; Keer, H V
16-Sep-2011Ni filled flexible multi-walled carbon nanotube–polystyrene composite films as efficient microwave absorbersAnantharaman, M R; Rajesh Kumar, Srivastava; Narayanan, T N; Reena Mary, A P; Anchal, Srivastava; Robert, Vajtai; Pulickel, Ajayan M
19-Aug-2011Nonlinear and magneto-optical transmission studies on magnetic nanofluids of non-interacting metallic nickel nanoparticlesAnantharaman, M R; Reena Mary, A P; Suchand Sandeep, C S; Narayanan, T N; Reji, Philip; Padraig, Moloney; Ajayan, P M
31-Jan-2011On conduction mechanism in paramagnetic phase of Gd based manganitesAnantharaman, M R; Sagar, S
22-Dec-2008On structural, optical and dielectric properties of zinc aluminate nanoparticlesAnantharaman, M R; Muhammad, Abdul Jamal E; Sakthi Kumar, D
2008On the crystallization kinetics and micro-structural transformations of Fe40Ni38B18Mo4 alloysHysen, Thomas; Senoy, Thomas; Ramanujan, R V; Anantharaman, M R
13-Mar-2009On the dielectric dispersion and absorption in nanosized manganese zinc mixed ferritesAnantharaman, M R; Veena Gopalan, E; Sakthi Kumar, D; Yasuhiko, Yoshida; Al-Omari, I A; Saravanan, S
28-Oct-2008On the Growth Mechanism of Nickel and Cobalt Nanowires and Comparison of Their Magnetic PropertiesAnantharaman, M R; Shaijumon, M M; Narayanan, T N; Ajayan, P M
3-Jan-2010On the magnetic and dielectric properties of nickel–neoprene nanocompositesAnantharaman, M R; Muhammad, Abdul Jamal E; Joy, P A; Philip, Kurian
25-Dec-2009On the magnetic, mechanical and rheological properties of rubber–nickel nanocompositesAnantharaman, M R; Muhammad, Abdul Jamal E; Joy, P A; Philip, Kurian
14-Apr-1998On the magnetic properties of ultra-Þne zinc ferritesAnantharaman, M R; Jagatheesan, S; Malini, K A; Sindhu, S; Narayanasamy, A; Chinnasamy, C N; Jacobs, J B; Reijne, S; Seshan, K; Smits, R H H; Brongersma, H H
10-Jan-2006On the optical and electrical properties of rf and a.c. plasma polymerized aniline thin filmsAnantharaman, M R; Venkitachalam, S; Saravanan, S; Rajeev, Ashokan R; Joseph, Mathai C; Sajeev, U S
12-Jan-2009On the synthesis and magnetic properties of multiwall carbon nanotube– superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle nanocompositesAnantharaman, M R; Reena Mary, A P; Shaijumon, M M; Lijie Ci; Ajayan, P M; Narayanan, T N
Jun-2013On the Tailoring of Magnetic Properties of Fe-Based Alloy Thin Films by Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation and Thermal AnnealingHysen, Thomas; Anantharaman, M R
1-May-2008An Optical limiter based on FerrofluidsAnantharaman, M R; Suchand Sandeep, C S; Jinto, Thomas; Reji, Philip; Swapna, Nair S
25-Oct-2006Optically transparent magnetic nanocomposites based on encapsulated Fe3O4 nanoparticles in a sol–gel silica networkAnantharaman, M R; Senoy, Thomas; Sakthi Kumar, D; Joy, P A; Yasuhiko, Yoshida
15-Nov-2005Photoluminescence studies on RF plasma-polymerized thin filmsAnantharaman, M R; Saravanan, S; Joseph, Mathai C; Venkatachalam, S; Avasthi, D K; Singh, F
26-May-2002Plasma Assisted Deposition Technique for Synthesis of low Dielectric Constant Polyanisidine Thin FilmsAnantharaman, M R; Joseph, Mathai C; Saravanan, S; Jayalekshmi,S; Venkitachalam, S; Prabhakaran, P V
2006Plasma Polymerised Organic Thin Films-A Study on the Structural, Electrical and Nonlinear Optical Properties for Possible ApplicationsSajeev, U S; Anantharaman, M R
Showing results 63 to 82 of 111
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