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Recent Submissions

  • Varghese, Tiju I; Prakash, T N (Cochin University Of Science And Technology, December 18, 2014)
  • Lakshmi Devi, P; Anekutty, Joseph (Cochin University Of Science And Technology, February 24, 2015)
  • Rajool Shanis, C P; Pillai, N G K (Cochin University Of Science And Technology, November , 2014)
  • Divya, P S; Mohamed Hatha, A A (Cochin University Of Science And Technology, August , 2014)
  • Akhil, P S; Sujatha, C H (Cochin University of Science And Technology, September , 2014)
  • Toms C, Joseph; Dr.Surendran, P K; Dr. Nirmala, Thampuran (Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, January , 2010)
  • Sini, T K; Dr. Mathew, P T (Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, December , 2007)
  • Ansar Ali, A; Dr. Srinivasa Gopal, T K (Cochin University of Science & Technology, 2004)
  • Resmi, T R; Dr.Jacob, Chacko (Cochin University of Science & Technology, July , 2004)
  • Akula Raghunadha, Rao; Basil, Mathew (Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory,Defence Research and Development Organisation, 2008)

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