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  • Anto, Paul; Dr.Sugunan, S (Cochin University of Science & Technology, November , 1997)
  • Binsy,Varghese V; Sugunan, S (Department of Applied Chemistry, February , 1998)
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  • Sugunan, S; Bindhu, Jacob (Indian Journal of Chemistry, October , 1999)
  • Sugunan, S; Binsy, Varghese (Springer Science, 1997)
  • Sugunan, S; Seena, C R K (Indian Journal of Chemistry, September , 1999)
  • Sugunan, S; Seena, Kumaree C R (Indian Journal of Chemistry, November , 1999)
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  • Jasmine, Mathew; Dr. Ebenezer, D D (Defence Research and Development Organisation, September , 2011)

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